Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy birthday to me!

Six years ago today, dad surprised mom with me! Here's a little photo rundown of how I became the glue that bound these two crazy kids together and of the last six years as a family!!

Now, my official birthday is actually September 21, 2005. That's when I was born to my biological mother...but mom, dad and I don't celebrate that day. We celebrate the day I was born into my real family- this one; which just happens to be today, November 21.

See, back in 2005, mom and dad were almost married. Yes, for four months I was the child of a broken home. I lived with mom, went to work with mom, spent all my time with mom- but got to visit dad at night for family bonding.

I got to go to work with mom everyday- its a lot of work being a puggle puppy!:
She'd take me on long walks in the snow to potty train me:And, of course, nap time:Well, by the time we'd go visit dad at his house, boy was I pooped! But I always stayed awake long enough to play games with know, male bonding.
Once mom and dad got married (and I was no longer a product of two households), mom and dad bought a big house with an even HUGER backyard- just for me to play in and enjoy!!Every Halloween mom dressed me up. Sometimes I'd feel stupid walking around with a lobster on my back, but then the kids would come and they'd be dressed up too! I'm pretty sure I'm a bigger hit than the candy- but the jury is still out...Holidays are always fun in our favorite? As long as there are wrapped gifts, I'm in heaven. See, I find joy in shredding wrapping paper. Its the gift that keeps on giving.Do I have something on my face?I know I'm real lucky to have a mom and dad who care so much about me. Mom tells me stories of the dogs and cats she meets at the SPCA and I tell you what- I am thankful for having a warm bed to snuggle in each night and a meal twice a day.

I know that not every dog is treated like a member of the family they live with. Some are left outside all day (even when its really cold, or really hot) and some don't have a mom to towel off their feet when they come in from the snow.

So each year on my birthday (which is right around Thanksgiving- did you notice that?!) I always remind myself just how thankful I am for my family. And, especially since in a few weeks mom tells me my "sibling" will be arriving. Whatever that means. I've been an only child for six years...whoever this "sibling" is better be really cute, not smell, not make a lot of noise and not try and steal my toys. If its a nice "sibling" I just might share my mom with them. But only if they are nice! (That's a picture of me with my favorite toy, my Brain.)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Big brother duties

Mom has a habit of putting together things without using all the instructions. (Which results in an extra screw here or bolt there.) But now that she's putting together furniture for my baby, I have been put on guard.

(Not that I can read, I offer more moral support and guidance when she needs it.)

This past weekend mom's task was putting together the baby swing. Which meant I was front and center the whole time, tracking the progress, verifying the picture in the instruction manual matches where she was in real life...
(I might look indifferent here, but I thought I was getting a cookie for my good behavior. I was distracted...)

(Quality control- gotta sniff it out)

(Ta-DAAAAH! I'm gonna be such a great big brother! I mean, look at this! My managerial skills are impeccable.)

As it turns out, I did a great job supervising because it all got together (and has stayed together) for five whole days now!

I'm awesome.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Way to go, Mom!

I don't like to get my nails trimmed. Some people don't like to get their hair cut, some people don't like to brush their teeth. I don't like to get my nails trimmed.

The last time I got them trimmed, mom took me to the pet store (which will remain nameless) and I got tackled by two groomers because I couldn't "hold still long enough"...which resulted in me really hurting my back (remember when I told you about my trip to the emergency ER the night before mom and dad went on vacation?- wait, maybe I didn't write it...I seem to be slackin' on the ol' blog-a-do...)

Anyway, I noticed my nails were getting a little "long", but I didn't want to say anything to mom. I was hoping it would go unnoticed. (But, I should know by now- nothing goes unnoticed by mom. She's got super powers I tell you!)

So this morning she said to me, "upstairs! Bath time!" (I always get excited about taking a bath; mainly because I know I'll get lots of cookies and if I give mom my sad face, she gives me extra hugs...) Well, guess what?

Before she turned on the water to fill the tub, she said, "come here. Sit." So I did and then, do you know what she did? She trimmed my nails!

She pulled out a towel for me to sit on (and she was kneeling on it). She had me sit between her legs, wrapped an arm around me, softly grabbed my right leg and then pulled up this torture device I've never seen before (but I trust I just waited to see what she'd do with it) and then all a sudden, SNIP! "Good boy!" SNIP, "Goood boy, Jack!" (it went on like that for a few minutes!)

It was like a spa experience. All that was missing was the soothing music in the background.

I've never had my nails trimmed by mom before and it was such a nice experience! Maybe it was the extra cookies. Or the extra snuggles. Or...something. (Maybe she slipped something into my water this morning to ease my nerves?) Whatever it was, I want more.

When she was all done I sniffed (and maybe ate a few) of my nail trimmings, before mom got to clean 'em up.

So, bottom line, to all you puppy friends of mine out there, I encourage you to ask your parents to trim your nails if you (like me) have a hard time getting a MAN-icure. (I know typically its called a "pedicure" because your getting your toes done, but since I'm a boy dog, we call it a MAN-icure in our house!)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Scratchy McScratcherson

Do you suffer from allergies? 'Cause I do. And lemme tell you what- they are in FULL swing right now. I've had allergies for as long as my lil' puggle brain lets me remember, which flair up in the summer. Each year. Like clock work. Mom says I'm allergic to "everything". Aunt Jessica says I'm "allergic to being a dog" and my doctor (who specializes in pet allergies) says I'm "allergic to June, July, August and most of September".

No bueno.

So I'm on a constant allergy pill that I get a double dose of when I'm extra itchy. Like I am now. Well, to help my scratchy nature, mom gives me (what she calls, "soothing" baths) to help cool down and calm down my skin. Know what I like most about my baths? The cookies that come before and after the bath. Mom always takes the bubbles and makes a mohawk on my head with them...which I'm sure I look awesome with, but she never has a mirror handy so I can see- so I just feel stoopid.

Anyway the other day mom gave me one of her soothing baths. But before she did she used the Furminator on me. Ever heard of it? Well, lemme tell you- it makes me feel like a million bucks! Its a hair brush but it pulls out all the under coat, leaving just my super shiny coat for all to look at and make other dogs jealous! After mom pulls it through my coat, she pushes a little button, eliminating the "yuck" (as she calls it). Looks like this when its all piled together:See, I have hair bright and golden hair just like Goldie Locks! haha

Anyway, since the whole purpose of the "soothing" bath is to not irritate my skin anymore, mom lets me air dry. Which means I first get a cookie (for being such a good boy and letting her do the mohawk thing) then I run around like a madman. Its so much fun! But first she wanted me to pose. Whatever mom. Can I run noooooooooow?Once I was dry I got back into scratching. Why? Because it feels SOOOOOO good. Well, that was a no bueno move for mom, and she put the cone of shame on me! (See, I might have forgotten to mention this, but I *might have scratched my muzzle so hard earlier in the day, causing myself to bleed and look like I got into a dog fight...which may or may not have been the reason behind giving me the bath in the first place...whatever. Details...) Mom said I "needed" the cone of shame. But I feel so stoopid in it. Thankfully I was able to talk mom into taking it off when we went on our walks. I didn't want the neighborhood dogs seeing me in such a pitiful state.(See that green thing under the cone of shame? That's my "bowtie")

Worst part about wearing the cone of shame?I couldn't stick my head into the toy basket to pull out any toys! Epic fail.

So you might be wondering why the title of this post is Scratchy McScratcherson...that's what dad calls me when I'm itchy. Cute, hu?

Friday, August 26, 2011

(wo)man's best friend

One of the many reasons I asked mom to start this blog with me was to have a feel good website out there. So many are doom and gloom and sad and make you want to cry- mom and I (especially) wanted to make a website dogs (and their owners, of course) could come to and say, "awww".

So I'm poking around on Facebook (no, I don't have my own profile yet- I share with mom) and I see a post from my cousin Diva's mom, Heather.

Here, read it. Then come back.

Ok, you read it? Yeah...isn't that powerful? I mean, talk about devotion and love between friends. Some people (typically those who don't have a pet) say things like, "oh, its just a dog" or "its just a cat"...but here's the thing, the bond between pet and owner is immeasurable. Its infinite. And, for those of you out there who share a bond with your pet like I do with mom (or like they do in the story I posted)...give your pet a little extra loving tonight to show how much you care. Throw the ball once more for them or give an extra treat.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

What the?

**Let me first start by saying this post is about using a bark collar (or "shock collar") on Jack. We did NOT come to this decision lightly and if you are considering using a bark collar on your dog, use it RESPONSIBLY. **

I have some issues you may have heard about before. When animals come on to the television, I bark, UH-LOT. Why? Because I think they are IN my house...and I have to protect MY house, so I bark. Before mom and dad put the television up high, I used to run around the sides of the tv to chase elephants out of sight. (Or penguins, polar bears, cats, dogs, name it, I barked at it.)

This issue never seemed like a big deal, so mom and dad always corrected my behavior (but I still did it. Either I have short term memory problems or I just don't care- if I see an animal in my house, I'm going to protect my house.)

Well, that isn't my only "issue". You see, when people come into MY house (like my grandparents, Aunt Caitlin- anyone) I use this high pitched bark/squeal to greet them with. Mom and dad say its "annoying" and "disruptive" and "bad behavior". This too they try and correct my behavior, but I'm- "stubborn".

Two weeks ago, mom was in the kitchen, dad was upstairs and I was on the couch relaxing, when all of a sudden, CAT! I jumped off the couch, barked like a mad man, and got yelled at. Bad. Mom was NOT happy with this.

(*Mom note, before this cat incident, we had been debating the bark collar- but seeing the reaction to the cat commercial made it clear in my mind what step needed to be taken.)

The next day mom came home with a new treat for me! What's in the bag mom?! WHAT'S IN THE BAAAAAAG????? Ooooh, a new collar! I LOVE getting new collars!

I wore my new collar with pride. Walking extra slow in front of mirrors- you know the drill. I looked gooooooood.

Then it happened. A dog commercial came on. I jumped down, got in position in front of the tv and BAAA- OUCH! What the heck was that?! I shook it off.


Clearly there is something wrong with this collar! I got scared and ran to mom's side and hid behind her legs. For about 15 minutes.

This process repeated itself each time an animal commercial came on. How. WEIRD?! Until, finally the other night, I saw the commercial and didn't want to bark at it. I just sat there. I wasn't happy, but I just sat there and let that cat purr because its litter was so clean and fantastic and I just watched. I was disgusted with myself.

Mom told dad about this and they high fived! Its like an evil plot against me.

And then when grandma walked in I went to give my typical greeting (the bark/squeal) and only got BAA- out before I felt like I was kicked in the throat. Grandma seemed to like this though; she said "good boy Jack! Nice to see you too!"...I am beginning to think there is something to this new collar. People seem to like me MORE when I'm wearing it.

Mom and dad call my new collar my Bow-Tie. Cute name for a high-tech collar, eh? I wear it well...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chew on this

Dad got me for mom as an early wedding present and since mom and dad didn't live together before they got married that meant mom and I spent a lot of time alone.

When the big day came and dad moved his stuff into our apartment, things changed. All of a sudden socks were being left on the floor (which I quickly snatched up and started gnawing on!) then there was the toy I found in an "almost closed" box, which I pulled out and chewed on.

Dad made a big fuss about "your dog chews on things!" to which mom swiftly came to my defense, "he's only chewing on things that you leave out for him to get!"...way to go mom! Dad learned his lesson and started to put his toys away, which meant I didn't get to chew on them anymore (boo.)

Well, all that chewing drama happened five and a half years ago (without one relapse since!) imagine my surprise when I follow mom into the office the other day and find one of dad's shirts laying on the carpet!

At first I thought it was a trick, but without a treat at the end. Like maybe dad left it there to see if I would gnaw off a button or something...but I moved it with my nose and nothing happened, so I decided that while mom worked, I would make myself comfy on the shirt.
When mom told dad what I was you know what dad said? "I'm okay with it as long as he doesn't fart on my shirt!" told me this news and I gave her a sad face, not because dad was making fun of my digestive tract but because I already did...hehehe

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer camp blues...

So Monday rolled around and mom left me. All day. By myself. When she finally got home and rescued me from the depth of my despair, I realized she smelled funny. So I used my weight to wiggle into her socks and sniff it out.

Sniff, ahh, that's a big dog.
Sniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiff, oh, that's a small dog.
Snifffff- wait, is that a CAT?!

Turns out summer camp is for MOM. Not for me. What. EVER.

**Mom note- Jack is coming to camp on Friday to spend the day with the kids. Shhh, don't tell him. I don't want him to get too excited over here. He's still got to wait one more day before that happens...and no worries- pictures will be posted :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer camp next week!

I have been such a big help getting mom ready for the summer camp program next week. See, when she first started bringing home books from the animal shelter, I had a "problem" with them because they smelled like other dogs.

I was, you could say, "a pest". That I was, "getting in the way" or that I was "too over excited"...whatever you want to call me, I was so anxious about all these smells on the books and folders!

My fear was coming because I didn't want mom and dad to think they could bring me home a brother or sister to "surprise" I kept staying front and center, you know, getting in the way.

Anyway, next week is summer camp and I cannot wait! I hope to come and spend some time at the camp next week with the kids! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE kids!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My favorite recipe

Mom likes to spoil me and one of her favorite (and mine) things to do (and eat) are homemade dog cookies.

We are going to be making these cookies this summer at the SPCA summer camp, but I thought I'd give you a preview because there is just too much delicious-ness going around over here! Yum!

Low-Fat Beef Cookies (Because even though I'm cute, I too have to watch my waist line!)
3 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
1 cup cornmeal
1/4 cup skim milk
3/4 cup water
3 1/2 oz can of beef puree (1 small jar of baby food)

1. Blend wheat flour and cornmeal together. Set aside.
2. Whisk together milk, water and beef puree. (This is when it starts smelling REAL good!)
3. Slowly add flour mixture to beef mixture until a stiff dough is formed. (This is when I start whining because it smells so good!)
4. Place dough on floured counter and roll out, about 1" thick.
5. Cut into shapes with desired cookie cutter and place on ungreased cookie sheet. (I prefer the bone cookie cutter over the mail man shaped one...just seems wrong to eat something shaped like a person!)
6. Back at 375 for 35 minutes or until cookies are crisp. Let set overnight to crisp cookies.

See, its really kinda easy to make healthy treats for your dog! So there you go. A Jack-approved cookie recipe that I'm sure your bff with four legs will love as well!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spoiled by the sun

If there's one thing I love about spring time around here, its the sun. Most afternoons you can find me lounging in the sun and, when I get too hot (because I always get too hot) I find a shady place to rest my head and dream the day away.

Yes, being a puggle is a tough job, but I'm glad I get to do it.

Now, enough typing, time for another nap...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Book Review

Mom brought home a new book for us to read the other day called The Ugly Pugling by Wilson the Pug (and his mom, Nancy Levine).

The book reminded me a lot of, well, me! We both have squished little faces and we both write real good (with the help of our moms...of course!)

So the book is all about Wilson the Pug finding the love of his life at the park one day...but then she disappears. He visits her house...but she doesn't come out. After a long time, she finally opens the front door and guess what?

She's a MASTIFF! Do you know how BIG Mastiffs are?

(Here's a little lesson, pugs weigh between 10-20 pounds. Mastiffs can weigh between 130-180 pounds! THAT'S A HUGE Difference!)

The book talks about their love for each other...but Hedy (the girl) is supposed to win the top prize at the Mastiff show...which means she'd be wed to Shakespear, another Mastiff! (But, here's the thing, Hedy doesn't like Shakespear- her identical sister loves Shakespear!)

In a book that will keep you on the very edge of your doggy bed...I HIGHLY recommend The Ugly Pugling.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Don't Lick the Dog

Mom is doing a lot of work for the SPCA summer camp program and today she brought home some new books from the library. Since I'm so smart, I already read all of them myself (except the ones about cats...I don't really "do" cat.)

My new favorite book is called "Don't Lick the Dog" and it shows kids how to interact with dogs they don't know! We should make a movie about this book, starring me, of course. I mean...with a face like mine, who wouldn't want to watch me on the big screen?

So if you have kids, check out this book- its very informative!! (That's a "smart-word" I just learned...)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Mom and I walk, uh-lot, and I'm always surprised (and maybe a little scared) when I see a dog wandering around without a leash!

See, we live in a city that has a leash law. Which means, quite simply, if your dog is outside, not in a fenced area, the dog needs to be on a leash. Simple.

I don't care if "she never leaves the lawn!" or "he's so friendly, he wouldn't hurt a fly!" or one of my favorites, "she's too old to care"- uhm, if she's too old to "care" about me walking with my mom, do you think maybe she's old too care if she walks into the street and gets hit by a car?

On our walk yesterday we encountered TWO dogs outside without a leash. The first one, is a chocolate lab, and mom and I know (from previous experience) that she's not friendly (which, honestly I don't understand. What's there NOT to like? I gotta lot to offer!) As mom and I walked to the other side of the road, mom saw the owner standing at her front door. Just watching.

Here's what I'd like to know. Was she just watching to see if her unleashed dog was going to attack us? And, if the dog approached us, did she think her Spidey-senses would kick in and she'd magically appear next to us to control her dog?

We kept walking.

Then we walked down another street and a little yorkie walked right towards us. Her owner was standing at the bottom of the driveway. Mom and I stopped. I sat (and waited for further instructions from mom). Mom said to the lady, "Excuse me! Is this your dog?" The woman was startled and said, "OH. MY. GOSH! MAGGIEEEEEEEE! GET BACK HERE!" she started towards us, "She's just a chicken. She never leaves our yard!" The lady picked up Maggie, and smacked her! "Bad dog! BAD DOG MAGGIE!"

There were so many things wrong with this, most of which is if the owner were more responsible, she would have put Maggie on a leash and the whole situation would have been avoided.

Maggie wasn't a "bad dog" and didn't deserve a smack. Maggie is a dog. Dogs like to sniff and be adventurous. It is your responsibility as a dogs owner (or person) to protect your animals.

That is why a leash law is so important. But, as mom said, laws are only good if people follow them.

Here's another thing to think about: if you let your dog roam, and lets say they get hit by a car- how awful will you feel that it was totally preventable? And the poor driver of the car who hit your dog- if your dog was chasing after a rabbit (or ball, or child, or another dog, or the chicken who decided to cross the street) its not the drivers fault. It is your fault for not being a responsible pet-parent.

Mom knows that I love her and I'd never leave her side, no matter how many times I've told her this. Irregardless, she always puts me on a leash. Why? Because mom understands that if I see a squirrel, I'll run after it. If I see a dog walking on the sidewalk, I'll run over to it and say hi. I wouldn't ever intentionally run away from mom, but I'm a dog. I've got instincts and no matter what, I will follow them.

With all of this being said, please leash your dog. Get a tie-out if your going to leave your dog in the front yard or install an Invisible Fence. Don't be like Maggie's mom.

And, on a side note- don't smack your dog! Smack yourself for being stoopid.

Monday, March 28, 2011

My buddy

So grandma and grandpa have a dog, Winston. He's always been an old dog (or, let me be more politically correct, a "senior") but he was over this weekend and, I gotta tell you, he's old.

I learned quickly that Winston is different from other dogs I meet. He's never been energetic, or, spunky- wagging his tail is pretty much the extend of his excitedness.

We started to call him Eeyore (from Winnie the Pooh) because they had a lot in common, such as:
- energy levels (always hovered in the "low" zone)
- coordination (sometimes he'd walk into walls)
- alertness (this one kinda speaks for itself)
One thing they didn't have in common- Winston's tail never fell off.

HOWEVER, Winston is very sensitive when it comes to his tail. Like, if grandma were to accidentally step on it, he'd give her a little "nip" to let her know he's there. So, maybe he and Eeyore do have another thing in common! Hmmm...

As with most things, time ages them (except me of course, I will remain a puppy foreverz!) and Winston has gone from his youthful Eeyore enthusiasm to trying to pour molasses on a cold day. He doesn't budge.

Winston was over this weekend and I greeted him as I usually do with some sniffs (to make sure its him) and a potty break in the backyard. But, after he peed, my buddy tried to turn around, and he fell. He couldn't right himself. I walked over to him and gave a little nudge with my nose- he got back up, went inside and spent the rest of the day on his pillow. Sleeping.

I felt like Fran's mother on The Nanny, when Winston came in the house. Who, when Fran walks into the kitchen, after being away for sometime she yells, "WHATS WRONG WITH YOU? THEY DON'T FEED YOU IN (insert a random city)? You're all skin and bones- here have a sandwich and tell ma' all about it!"

Mom says I'm not an old Jewish lady, and Winston doesn't eat sandwiches...but I beg to differ. I just want my buddy back.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Ok, this might come as a surprise, but I can't talk (audibly, anyway). My conversations with mom are like, oh how do you say, one sided. I mean, she always gets my point across (telepathically, of course), but sometimes I just need to speak my own mind.

This is where my squeaky toys come in. Specifically, my brain.
You see, the brain squeaks. So when I do this:I know everyone is hearing exactly what I want to say.

Mom and dad have tried to supplement my brain with other toys that don't squeak as "loud". This is what I did to the last one:I tore off his tail and then, this happened:I tore off his long tongue. Opps.

So for a long time now mom and dad do a "squeak-test" before buying me any new toys. This is so embarrassing, because of course they do this in a public place, while I'm WITH them (and there is always another dog walking by, looking...mocking!) The most recent toy that received the squeak-test was the Squeeki Tiki
Apparently the tikis, while incredibly cool looking, were too "loud" and so we left them in Petsmart.

To add insult to my already injured pride, one of the dogs with mocking-eyes, got one! NO FAIR! I think I'm going to start a Squeeki Tiki fund (please make checks payable to Jack the Puggle) that would really surprise dad when he comes home from work!

But, until I receive enough donations to afford my squeeki tiki, I'll just play with my brain. (I love this last one of me. I decided to turn my head from mom- in a sign of reluctance until I get a squeeki tiki!)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Red Lobster

Look at this dog toy I just found here. You know, even though I don't like sand (I went to the beach once and didn't like the non-solid ground. My feet kept slipping out from under was a mess!) I do love the beach and the whole beachy-vibe!

Pretty sure having a lobster toy like this would make me feel like a real fisherman!

Oh, or maybe a pirate! Rrrrrrr!

Friday, March 18, 2011


My sniffer works real good. Maybe sometimes too good. Case in point, yesterday.

Mom walks into the house, after being gone for (what felt like) eons, and she smells of:
- a turkey sandwich, on wheat bread, with lettuce, tomato and mayo
- a pickle
- and...what's this? ANOTHER DOG? Wait, TWO other dogs...OMG, I'm dying, THREE OTHER DOGS?

ON MY MOM?! She had some 'splainin to do!

Here's what she told me, "I was busy meeting with other dogs who I might bring home one day and replace you with". Ok- wait a minute...she didn't saaaaay that. That's just what I heard, while sniffing her jeans, shirt, hands, jacket, shoes, ankles, wrists and neck. Yes. I'm thorough.

After I had a mini melt down (which consisted of me whining, more than usual and asking mom to play with my rope, brain, bone, tiger and foot- all at once!) I was relieved to learn I will be an only puggle for a very long time.

Mom soothed me while saying things like, "there is no replacement for you" "you are our only boy" "we love you so much" "you might be spoiled, but that's only because your special"...

Good news? I was able to make sure she knew how much I loved her right back. How'd I do that? Simple. Throw my whole body on top of her, snuggle up as close as I can get, twist my tail around her wrist, fall asleep and start snoring. Works like a dream!

Monday, March 7, 2011

They say its your birthday

Everyone has their "thing".

Some people like to cook. Some like to bake. Some are athletes...some are couch potatoes...I like to host birthday parties. Well, with mom's help, of course!

Here's what I love about parties: I love people, people bring presents. Presents are wrapped, I love tearing/chewing/making a huge mess with wrapping paper. See how that works? So every time we have a party not only do I get to see our family and friends, but I get to munch on the wrapping paper!

Dad had a birthday last month and to make it more fun, mom and I had him go on a scavenger hunt around the house to find all his presents. (We couldn't just put a big pile in front of him- where's the fun in that?) So after he found all his gifts (we hid one in my house!) it was time to open them! My FAVORITE part of parties!!

After his first gift was open, I was ready for more paper...oh wait, do I have something on my face?
Dad gave me one of the shirt boxes (which kept me busy for a very long time!)
What do you mean that was the last present? Are you suuuuuure?

So, here's an open invite: if you have a party coming up, I'm sure mom won't mind hosting it, just so I can play with your wrapping paper!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Not cool.

It takes a lot for my tail to go straight. I prefer it to look like this(get tail forms a "J" for Jack!)
Anyway, this news story made me sad. It makes me sad that all those dogs didn't have a good home. That they didn't have parents to care for them, or even their own water bowl to drink from.

You know that mom volunteers with the SPCA (doing humane education) well, yesterday she left the house and was gone for about three and half hours. When she came back she smelled like other dogs. I did my typical interrogation (sniffing her all over, then back again) and then mom told me the story about the puppies she saw.

The little three day old babies who were born, and one is so underweight he might not make it. About the older dog whose ear was bruised from getting into a fight. It made me really sad that there are people out there who would let this happen to their pets.

And, while I don't like when mom's not around me, I understand why she needs to volunteer at the SPCA and teach humane education to kids. Because if she can make the point, that you have to be kind to animals and respect them, maybe this won't happen again.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Squeaky clean!

First let me start by saying, we have our own vocabulary in our house. So, even though I sleep in a "crate" we NEVER call it that. We call it my "house"; 'cause you know, that's where I live...

So, rather than me going to "get groomed" I go to the "barber shop" ('cause you know, I'm a boy. Boy's go to barber shops. Girls go to the salon...) And, when I go to the barber, I don't get a "pedicure" I get a MANicure ('cause you know, I'm a man)...

(Ok, now that we've covered all the lingo, I can tell my story.)

Today I went to the barber and got my toes done. Then end. (naaah- I'm just kidding!)

I knew something was up by the way mom put the collar on me...and then grabbed the leash-drawer-handle...AND PULLED! I was so excited I could barely walk straight my butt was moving from this side to that side, and back again!

Mom loaded me up in my collapsible car seat (which, if you don't have need one. Safety first.)

And then, we drove! I love driving with mom. And listening to music- we always go somewhere fun, and that makes me smile. Or, maybe its not always "fun" as much as getting to spend extra time with mom...and she always gives me lots of cookies to keep me "calm".

As soon as we parked the car I was ready to go in. I love going to the barber shop (which is also the toy shop...and the grocery store for me...) I got to meet a four month old Boxer puppy! He was so small!

Then we walked into the barber shop. Here's the thing, we have a love-hate relationship. I love the way I feel after I hate being there. (Mom even asks the barber to "call when he's about 10 minutes from being done- I'll be here to pick him up right away- he doesn't like to wait...")

Its not that I'm impatient. I'm just, well...I'm a people person, and when they put me in a box in the wall and ask me to "wait for your mom", well, I might have ACCIDENTALLY messed myself one time. ONE TIME and now mom wants to be on speed dial when I'm there so I don't wait...

So after they exchange "the best number to call", I hang my head in shame past all the other dogs whose mom's aren't on speed dial and make my way to the bathtub.

After they brush, and shampoo. Trim and clean...they called mom and then, they did the unthinkable. They put a bow on me. AS IF my mom on speed dial wasn't bad. They put a BOW on me! Oooh the misery.

Thankfully mom and I speak the same language and as soon as we were at the cashier, mom asked to borrow a pair of scissors. Love that lady. Mom's got my back.

And so, for the rest of the day, I laid in the sun, enjoying my new squeaky clean coat and trying to forget that I ever had a bow on me.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mom post

Jack makes me laugh several times a day. Since I get to spend so much time with him, we know each others quirks. I know when I walk into the bathroom, he will be right behind me. He knows that when he comes in from the back yard covered in snow, I'll be there to wipe his feet.

One of his biggest quirks is his toys.

During the winter Jack moves all of his toys in the backyard close to the sliding glass door. (During the summer they are ALL OVER the yard...but during the winter he knows how to clean up his toys- whatever...) So, after a huge snow storm this weekend all of his toys were covered up.

He went out on the deck, started sniffing for his toys, then buried his head into the snow. After about 30 seconds of moving like a bulldozer through the snow, he pulled out a deflated toy, shook his head (to clean it, of course) and put it on the step.

Its Wednesday and the toy hasn't moved.

Even now, as I'm writing this, he's laying in front of the slider, looking into the backyard. Oh wait- now he's moved in front of the fireplace. Apparently he was cold.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fame, here I come!

Mom is gearing up (again) to volunteer with the SPCA and run their Humane Education program. Apparently she met with some preeeetty nice folks for lunch yesterday and (of course!) they talked about me! ...and many other important things.

I have a hard time believing that not every dog (and yes, even cats) has parents like mine. Mom told me, some pups don't even have warm beds to sleep in! Or a mom who waits at the back door to wipe their cold, wet paws when they come in from the snow! Or a dad to play fetch with (I love it when he throws the ball reeeeeeeeally high!)

So, to get more people excited about the Humane Education program, mom is going to have a feature in their upcoming newsletter, wait for it, ALL ABOUT ME! (I'm guessing by now you've realized I'm terribly shy, cough-cough...) so for me, this run in the newsletter couldn't be more exciting- I mean, terrifying!

I can picture it now: sun bathing in the backyard, fresh bowl of ice water nearby, endless amount of cookies waiting for me...ahhh, to be a famous pup!

But don't worry, I'll be sure to send a post card from whatever far away beach I'll be laying on...

To learn more about mom's newest mission, check it out here...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Great news

This made my tail wag this morning.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Favorite things...

We all know what Julie Andrews' favorite things are. But when I think about my favorite things, only a few things come to mind...

A door to let me outside so I can go potty.

A fire to keep me warm and toasty on chilly nights.

Something soft to snuggle with.

Toys to play with.

Things to shred. Cardboard boxes are preferred.

Swimming in the lake (and biting the water).

Meeting new friends.


Taking a little food off the top.

But my very super most favorite place to be in the whole wide world is with my mom and dad.