Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Way to go, Mom!

I don't like to get my nails trimmed. Some people don't like to get their hair cut, some people don't like to brush their teeth. I don't like to get my nails trimmed.

The last time I got them trimmed, mom took me to the pet store (which will remain nameless) and I got tackled by two groomers because I couldn't "hold still long enough"...which resulted in me really hurting my back (remember when I told you about my trip to the emergency ER the night before mom and dad went on vacation?- wait, maybe I didn't write it...I seem to be slackin' on the ol' blog-a-do...)

Anyway, I noticed my nails were getting a little "long", but I didn't want to say anything to mom. I was hoping it would go unnoticed. (But, I should know by now- nothing goes unnoticed by mom. She's got super powers I tell you!)

So this morning she said to me, "upstairs! Bath time!" (I always get excited about taking a bath; mainly because I know I'll get lots of cookies and if I give mom my sad face, she gives me extra hugs...) Well, guess what?

Before she turned on the water to fill the tub, she said, "come here. Sit." So I did and then, do you know what she did? She trimmed my nails!

She pulled out a towel for me to sit on (and she was kneeling on it). She had me sit between her legs, wrapped an arm around me, softly grabbed my right leg and then pulled up this torture device I've never seen before (but I trust her...so I just waited to see what she'd do with it) and then all a sudden, SNIP! "Good boy!" SNIP, "Goood boy, Jack!" (it went on like that for a few minutes!)

It was like a spa experience. All that was missing was the soothing music in the background.

I've never had my nails trimmed by mom before and it was such a nice experience! Maybe it was the extra cookies. Or the extra snuggles. Or...something. (Maybe she slipped something into my water this morning to ease my nerves?) Whatever it was, I want more.

When she was all done I sniffed (and maybe ate a few) of my nail trimmings, before mom got to clean 'em up.

So, bottom line, to all you puppy friends of mine out there, I encourage you to ask your parents to trim your nails if you (like me) have a hard time getting a MAN-icure. (I know typically its called a "pedicure" because your getting your toes done, but since I'm a boy dog, we call it a MAN-icure in our house!)

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