Friday, November 15, 2013

There goes snack time

Seems Lil' Dude has decided to become selfish and actually EAT his snacks. Which, this is a new idea to me, because, ya know...for a while he's been all, "Here ya go, Jack!" and slipping a pretzel here or a little muffin there. But about two months ago, my world went from right-side-up to backwards-end-down when he learned a very simple, very bad word. No.


This word has become the pins in my needles. The drain to my bath tub. Its sucking all the fun out of my day! Another thing he's started doing is telling me to "GO!" into my house...and then closing the door.

Thankfully mom is there to referee things. She always has my back...not to say that Lil' Dude is being bad- he's just learning how to do things (at least that's what mom tells me as she slips me another cookie) and she always corrects him and encourages him to be "niiiiice" and pet me, which always means I get another cookie...

Overall this whole, having a permanent roommate (Lil' Dude) in the house is working out well. I mean, I don't share my cookies with him, so I guess its cool that he doesn't share his cookies with me anymore...

Friday, September 20, 2013

Don't come near MY baby...

When mom brought home Lil' Man I wasn't too sure of him. Sure he smelled okay (a mixture of milk and spit-up and poop...which is how I got to know him so well...) but it wasn't until I sniffed him and realized that he smelled like mom that I took him under my "tail" (birds can say "wing"...but I'm a dog, I don't have wings...don't judge me!) All of a sudden, when I sniffed that milk and mom combo did I realize, he's mine now. And what's mine, I will protect.

Whenever someone new would come into the house to pick up my baby, I'd be right by their side the whole time. If someone went to pick him up from the swing, well darn it, I was in between the swing, their knee and my baby. If they'd sit down with him at the kitchen table, guess where I was? Riiiiight underneath their chair so that if they dropped him, I'd be there to catch him.

Yes, he was mine from the instant I sniffed him and ever since, we have been inseparable.

Today, I overheard Nana telling mom about a dog who alerted his family that the babysitter was hurting his baby. Seems the dog kept getting overly protective of the baby once the sitter would come into the house, and the owners even had to restrain him from the sitter a few times. (Now, under normal circumstances, I would NOT be okay with knowing that a dog was being unfriendly to a human...but in this case, I wanted to get in on the action and "sick" her!)

The parents got smart and kept a phone under the couch to record the noises in the house. Turns out that while the baby started crying, she screamed at him, cursed and then you hear a slap, and the babies cry goes from "I'm fussy" to "I'm in pain".

Nooooooooooow let's start from the beginning on this one. IF I was the dog living in this house, where MY baby was being hit by ANYONE you can bet your bottom dollar that my nose would be SO FAR UP THEIR BUTT they couldn't sit down for a week.

I've never been more proud to call myself a dog, than I was when I read this article. For all those people out there who say a "dog is just a dog" or "stupid mutt" or something else that demeans the important role we take on in our families...all I have to say is, you must never have had a dog before.

Bravo to my canine companion for taking care of your baby and protecting what's yours.

(If you need backup, just gimme a call...pretty sure mom would lead the charge!)
Here's the article that details what happens (and doesn't talk about sticking their noses up butts...)

Monday, July 22, 2013

I know, I knooooooow

Daaaaaang, its been a while since I've posted right?

Well here's the thing, I've been so busy being a big brother and watching all the squirrels in the backyard, I haven't had anytime at all to sit in front of my laptop and write things!

I apologize. Truly. See, I have sad puppy eyes and everything. (This would be the perfect place for mom to put in a picture of me with sad-puppy eyes, except I rarely make capturing them would be difficult...)

ANYWAY, the purpose behind this post is this article right here about a dog who risked everything to save (drum roll) a KITTEN! Not even her own SPECIES and she barked and yelped until the animal people took both of them away!

And, while I'm typing, summer camp went off without a hitch! Mom (with the background help from me, of course!) had a great group of kiddos and had so much fun!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hold on tight!

Mom, 'Lil Man and I go for walks. A lot. Last year when we went he was little and didn't really do much. Like, he just sat there, kinda like a blob. A cute one, but still, a blob. Well that's all a thing of the past. See, this year, on our very first walk of the year (together, mom and I take walks in the winter, but he's a "baby" and "can't go outside when its that cold" so we went alone.) I'm just walking along side the stroller, when all a sudden I feel a tug. Hu? I look over and guess whose holding my leash? Lil' Man! Seems whenever we go for a walk now, all he wants to do is hold my leash. Which is cool with me, I mean, I'm just happy to get outside and sniff around the block. You know, a lot can change over the winter!

Lil' Man has even found the drawer where mom keeps my leash. Last week he started running around the house holding it yelling, "DOOOOOOOOOOG!" But I didn't get excited. I only get excited when MOM opens that drawer and pulls out the leash, because she can actually open doors and stuff. When Lil' Man does it, its just a tease. So I've found ways to cope:
 I hide under his blankie
I try and hide under Eeyore

Neither have been super successful, so I'm gonna keep trying. Ahhhh the life of having a little brother...

Monday, February 18, 2013

Arch nemesis

Pretty sure, in every dog's life, when they see a piece of luggage, they know what's coming. Sudden death. This means, they are leaving and who only knows when they will be back. Some people like luggage, they get all excited when its pulled out, I'm sure because they are taking it to some amazing location with lots of drinks and sun and laughs...but me? I see luggage and dread what's to come.

To some dogs, cats are their arch enemy. To some dogs, it might be another dog who puts the crackle in their fire. For me, its those red bags with wheels.

I see them come up from the depths of the basement and I just know I'm going to be left. This means an eternity of waiting for mom to come home. This means a lifetime of cold, lonely nights, left with no one to play with me or take me for walks. This means no love, or attention or fresh water. This means I will have to staaaaaaarve until they come home.*

(*Mom note- he is never left alone or even goes to a kennel. This trip he stayed with my brother in law, who let Jack sleep in bed with him each night (at home he sleeps in his house, which is kept in the kitchen) he got to climb up on the couch (at home, he's not allowed on the couch) and got rawhides each time he went into his kennel for the day (at home, he gets one Milk-Bone. That's it) AND, because we forgot to bring toys with us, my brother in law gave Jack a rope belt to tear up and destroy, while playing tug-o-war...So yes, our dog is a little over dramatic...just a heads up!)

I fit...I don' t know why I can't join 'em!!
Once the bags come out, I know what's next. They get filled. With clothing that they will wear without me. Shoes that they will go for walks wearing, without me. Yes, the life of a puggle is a rough one.

But yesterday my luck changed. I was pulled from the bowels of my depression when I found my way home, in the snow and ice, alone and cold. I was scratching at the door, hoping they'd be home and I could get a drink of water when mom answered the door!*

(*Mom note- My best friend, who is dating my brother-in-law (convienent, right?!) put Jack into her car, drove him across town and dropped him off at our doorstep. He did not wander around in the snow and ice until his little puggle ears got frost bite...he rode across town, in a car with HEAT and came into the house, with HEAT!)

It was like Christmas seeing mom!! Then the hard part came...waiting until Lil' Man woke up from his nap so I could give him kisses...but when he did wake up, you bet your bottom dollar, I gave him as many kisses as he'd let me, until he crawled away!!

So now, they are all home and I'm so happy, I'm snoring next to my mom. I hope the luggage stays in the basement for a very long time. My poor puggle heart can't take much more...

Monday, February 4, 2013

This is why I love this kid...

When its his snack time...its my snack time too!