Monday, July 22, 2013

I know, I knooooooow

Daaaaaang, its been a while since I've posted right?

Well here's the thing, I've been so busy being a big brother and watching all the squirrels in the backyard, I haven't had anytime at all to sit in front of my laptop and write things!

I apologize. Truly. See, I have sad puppy eyes and everything. (This would be the perfect place for mom to put in a picture of me with sad-puppy eyes, except I rarely make capturing them would be difficult...)

ANYWAY, the purpose behind this post is this article right here about a dog who risked everything to save (drum roll) a KITTEN! Not even her own SPECIES and she barked and yelped until the animal people took both of them away!

And, while I'm typing, summer camp went off without a hitch! Mom (with the background help from me, of course!) had a great group of kiddos and had so much fun!

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