Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas to me!

I love tearing apart cardboard boxes. When mom comes home from food shopping with a pizza, she always takes it out of the box (so it fits better in the freezer) and I get to tear it up in little pieces!

So when dad didn't take the empty ginger ale box out to the garage, what did he think I'd do? Just walk past the box? Well, that's exactly what I did, about five times. Just walk past it, see if someone was tricking me. Slightly bump it with my nose...and then, when mom was out of view, I grabbed it!

This is my favorite shot, I was so excited, I bounced right on top of the box- thankfully mom is a great photographer and caught my ear flapping on my descent!
And then it was all torn up. No more play time.
Will you play with me, mom? Please? Just try and say no to this face...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Crop circles

You know in the Sound of Music they talk about (or rather, sing about) their favorite things to keep them from getting scared by that horrible rain storm? Well, here's one of my favorite things about winter. Making crop circles in my backyard.

Mom says I look like a Sugar Plum Fairy out there because I'm so graceful. But here's my logic when it comes to my crop circles. I make one, maybe two laps in the yard, create a path, and then stick to that path all winter long. No really, once I make a path, I don't venture from it (unless of course I have to chase away an evil squirrel with their fuzzy tails...they don't understand boundaries.)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Over protective

I have toys all over the house. Mom tries to minimize the toy "clutter" by keeping a basket at the top of the stairs.

But it seems the toy I want to play with is always on the very bottom...

(Apparently, its frowned upon in this establishment to express yourself with toys on the stairs, ropes in the bed and bones on the couch.) I'm an artist. Its who I am, its what I do.

So it should come as no surprise that I have multiple toys outside as well that I protect from the evil squirrels and their fuzzy tails. Many of my toys I've pulled closer to the house because of the inclement weather (that's a new word I picked up while watching the news with mom this morning!)

Mom was making me a path this morning (like she did last week when we had more "inclement" weather-ha!) and as I was chasing after the steal-bladed-plastic-snow-pusher-with-the-long-handle, I realized something. One of my balls (a tennis ball- dirty mind!) was missing.

As mom pushed the snow, I was on a mission to find my ball. I started with the most obvious assailant, the steal-bladed-plastic-snow-pusher-with-the-long-handle. I started my questioning with a few bites on the side of the plastic. But it didn't give up the ball. So I took a more drastic approach, I stood in front of the steal-bladed-plastic-snow-pusher-with-the-long-handle. I stood my ground. Waiting for it to crack, but nothing.

The questioning intensified when I stuck my head into the pile of snow that was at the bottom of the steal-bladed-plastic-snow-pusher-with-the-long-handle. Mom didn't understand this was a technique I used before. "JACK! What are you doing?!" Of course I hardly heard her because my ears were frozen from all the snow. And, as I pulled my head out of the pile of snow, I was deflated. No ball.

So I decided to mimic the steal-bladed-plastic-snow-pusher-with-the-long-handle and push through the snow with my face! Mom stopped and looked at me. All of a sudden she finally figured out what I was doing. "Are you looking for your ball, buddy?" DUUUUUUUH!

And with her help, we found my ball! It was a little frozen, and I'm glad my tongue didn't get stuck to it. Mom started laughing and looking around like, "did anyone see what my super smart dog just did to find his ball?" and, as luck would have it, dad did!

I might be considered "over protective" of my toys...but hey, they are mine. I love them. And I take care of them.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

DogAge tip of the week

When walking in your winter wonderland keep safety in mind...

Shatter proof

I've got a wiggle-butt. When I see someone, my whole back end shakes with excitement. So it should come to no surprise that sometimes I wiggle backwards causing an ornament (or two) to fall off the tree.

Because of this, mom only hangs shatter proof ornaments on the bottom half of the Christmas tree. Not because I want to run into the tree, but because my back-end gets so excited. So you see, its really not my fault.

Forgive me?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Where you been?

I just realized I haven't posted since July 4. If anyone is reading this, first let me give my apologizes.

Now lets get down to business.

ITS CHRISTMAS TIME!! Do you know what that means? It means SNOW! I love snow! Yesterday we had the most snow ever fall and I GOT TO RUN IN IT (until mom called me inside...something about frost bite...)

And when mom was shoveling me a path I got to chase after the shovel. I LOVE the shovel! I especially love when mom lets me run under the shovel when she's ready to empty it. AHHHHH a fresh bath of snow! Brrrr.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


I was so caught up in playing fetch with Zoe that I didn't really pay attention to the throbbing pain my front paws yesterday.

We were up at the lake house celebrating the Fourth of July and boy did I get a work out! We ran up the dock, into the lake, down the dock, up the peninsula, doooown the peninsula- needless to say, I was whipped when the sun went down.

Sometime before dinner I started walking with a "gansta lean" as mom called it. She and dad did a once over and realized it was something to do with my feet, but didn't really know what else to do but put me in my house for the they did.

This morning I wake mom up to go potty and as soon as she clamped the leash on to my collar, I had horrible-terrible-no-good-very-bad-pains in both my front paws! I couldn't walk!

Mom picked me up and examined my paws, and that's when she saw it. I tore up both of my paw pads from too much play yesterday. (Actually, one of the pads was kinda dangling- it was super gross!)

So we bandaged up my paws...and I laid on the couch. All day. Did. Not. Move. (except to drink some water). Yeah, I was in a lot of pain.

Too bad my doctor isn't in today 'cause I'm pretty sure mom would have driven me there asap...but, hopefully tomorrow they'll be in and I can get 'em looked at. 'Til then, I just get to lay around and look really sad and pitiful...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm part coyote!

Last night it was just dad and went out with her friends to "buy pretty things". As always, when mom leaves, I sit around and wait for her to come back to me.

So I'm waiting on the back of the couch last night for her to walk in...and I start to realize, "gosh, she's been gone for a long time!"...then, as if I was imagining it, I hear her voice. Faint, but I'm sure I heard it. So I start to howl.


Dad came flying down the stairs (because, you know, he's an action hero!) "Jack, what's wrong?"
"HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWL"...."Awww, buddy, let's play".

It was obvious dad was trying to take my mind off whatever was bothering me (he didn't hear mom laughing outside, because, although he's got lots of great superhero powers, super-sonic hearing isn't one of them...)

When mom did finally come home it was everything in me to not jump up around her neck and have her wear me like a scarf all night.

It wasn't until dad explained the coyote howling to mom, that she mentioned she and her friend were sitting outside laughing and talking and mom and dad pieced it together that that was why I was howling like a coyote.

So there you have it, another layer in the ever-evolving life of Jack the Wonder Dog...I'm part coyote!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tongue-Tied Thursday

Don't forget what I look like, mmmmkay- Mom's just been supa dupa busy lately!! (I think I look funny when my tails straight; normally its tight in a pig-tail-curl, like this...)
Gosh, I have a lotta toys, don't I?! Good thing Mom got me a basket to put 'em all in (but when she's not looking, I knock it over and take 'em all out! Shhhh, don't tell!)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Morning person

Grammy got this link sent to her inbox the other day and she just showed it to me...

Looks to me like Ginger needs to go back to bed for a few more hours...kinda reminds me of my dad in the mornings :)

Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 7, 2010

How'd it get to be May already?

Hey, I know you!

If you noticed, I've been absent from my posting for more than a month. I know your asking, "Jack, where have you and your mom been hiding?" and here's the answer...

We haven't been hiding at all, we've just been so darn busy!

Lately mom's been treating a little head wound I got. (She tells people I got into a bar-fight to make it sound more exciting than it really is...)

I think I just scratched my head on something in the back yard, which I then scratched with my back foot, which opened the wound and made it bleed...

The first time mom saw the blood she made a little noise I've never heard before (dad later told me it's the "oh no, my puppy's blood is on the OUTSIDE of him!" noise...) so she cleaned it out, and sent me on my merry little way.

Then Monday morning I wake up and mom's eyes were HUGE! I gave her my what's-wrong-mom-eyes and she quickly took me up to the bathroom to clean out my very bloody head. Ouch!

She put this sticky stuff on it (neosporin) which makes my hair look like I don't take showers, but its cool. It feels a lot better now...and I guess its healing because its stopped itching. So its a win-win situation! that's a little update on what's happening in Puggly Wuggly land!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Funny thing happened when I scratched

The last post I made was about my new collar...and how I was sooooo excited about it. And how it looked soooo cute. Well, a funny thing happened when I scratched one day...

It came off.

Mom was busy putting away clothing and I had an itch. So I scratched. I scratched so much that my collar came off! But before I could put it back on, I realized how wonderful it felt to not have anything around my neck. Soooo, I jumped up on the bed and waited for mom to find it.

When she came out and saw the collar she looked at it, then at me. Then back to the collar. "How did you do that Jack?" She picked up the collar and inspected it. I hadn't torn it. The latch still clasped, so really, how did I get it off my neck? It was simple, I had an itch.

All of a sudden mom went into over drive. She ran downstairs, put on my harness, grabbed the collar off the floor, put me in the car and we flew into Petsmart, down the collar isle and we tried on all kinds of collars.

I wasn't too interested in trying on new collars, but I was interested in all the yummy smelling bones that were in the isle. Hmmmm, beef basted rawhides!

As it turns out, we FINALLY decided upon a new collar. Now, to refresh your memory, I typically wear this kinda collar:Black leather spikes. Yup, that's how I roll. Although since I'm apparently allergic to the leather, this is now how I roll...
I now sport the bottom one, with the really cool neon green and blue bones. It took a little while to adjust to my new digs, but I really like it. I mean, it doesn't scare away squirrels as well as the spikes did, but its cool. I'm not allergic to it, so that's a plus!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Uh-nother new collar

I walked by mom the other day and she said, "oh Jack, you need a bath buddy!". Armed with cookies, she lead the way into the bathroom where she proceeded to fill a nice warm bath for me.

When she was washing my neck she noticed my rash. Yup, I have another rash. (Which, if you recall, is one reason why I got a new collar for Christmas, because mom thought I was allergic to something in the old one? Right, well it seems that I'm just allergic to any leather collar; even cool ones with spikes)...

Rather than blow drying me, she gave me a warm towel rub-down and then let me loose in the house. Thank heavens she turned on the fireplace! I sat there getting nice and toasty for a looooong time. When dad came home, mom and he decided it was time to buy me another new collar.

So, now I have a really nice nylon graphite colored collar with brushed nickel accents (yeah, that's how I roll if I can't have my spikes, brushed nickel accents work just fine!)

I hope this one doesn't give me another rash...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February is a busy month!

For starters, its cold outside! We just got a lot of snow this weekend (which I LOVE; I've been playing in the backyard as much as I can...) but we're supposed to be getting MORE snow today! Yippy!!

Just got an email adding another even to my busy month of February. Apparently, February 20th is Love Your Pet Day!! What else makes February a busy month? For starters, we just celebrated the Super Bowl, the 13th is dad's birthday, then Valentine's day, then Grampy's birthday and now we add Love Your Pet Day to the calendar...

I'm a firm believer in loving your pet all day everyday, but why not have one holiday just about me? (Well, I mean, we already have two days out of the year that celebrate me, my 'gotcha-day' and my birthday...really, what's one more?)

Don't forget to mark your calendars!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dog Bark Inn, yes please!

Just checked the ol' inbox and guess what was waiting for me (and mom...) this!

Watch the video, and check it out. I wonder if he could make a wooden sculpture out of me? I'd want him to use this photo as inspiration:

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Have you heard about Nubs?

Last night mom and dad went to Borders and mom found a book called "Nubs: The True Story of a Mutt, a Marine and a Miracle".

Check it out here.

This morning mom and I googled "nubs" and couldn't believe the amount of press this pup and his person have received! Way to go NUBS!!!

He's been on the Ellen Show and the Today show!!

I wonder if mom could setup a play date for me with Nubs...he seems like the kinda friend everyone should have.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

This is how I roll

I don't know how you and your person interact with each other but mom and I have our communication down to a science. Case in point, Tuesday night.

I was running around the house with my 'brain' (its a squeaky toy, notice the picture above) in my mouth. Mom was on her phone so I ran to play with dad, who was working on his computer.

I kept squeaking my toy to get dads attention, but nothing. All I got was, "Jack, enough squeaking"...
Of course, I didn't stop squeaking, so dad took my brain away from me. I whined, a lot. And then ran to mom.

I sat in front of her (she was still on the phone) and whined.

mom: Jack, what's wrong?
me: whine, whine, whine..

mom: where's your brain?


mom: okay buddy, lets go find your brain!

Mom got up and I lead her to the scene of the crime (where I was when dad took my brain from me). I saw him place my brain on the top of his glass desk (on a piece of paper) so I lead mom into the office and sat under the desk.

mom: where is it buddy?

me: over here!

mom: where did dad put it?

me: on the desk! Right above my head!
mom: buddy, I'm not seeing it!


Mom started to get frustrated because everywhere she looked, the brain wasn't there. I sat SO patiently under dad's desk waiting for her to see that it was sitting on the piece of paper, but nothing!

She called down to dad, "honey, where did you put Jack's brain?" "on the tower!" "I don't see it and Jack is whining...where on the tower?" "On TOP"....
So mom and I walked back into the office and I sat under his desk again waiting for her to SEE the brain.

And then she found it. On top of the tower (like dad said).

I came out from under dads desk, grabbed the brain and ran downstairs to show dad that we found it.

Mom asked dad why, if the brain was on the tower, was I sitting under his desk? "Because when I took it away from him, I put it on the desk...that was the last place he saw it. When he ran out of the room to whine at you, I moved it to the top of the tower..."

So you see, don't under estimate the power of the puppy memory. Or the power of communication between a pup and his mom...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas was A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

We got sooooo much snow one night, the next morning it was everything in me to NOT run outback and roll around in it. So when mom grabbed her coat, pulled out her boots and said to me, "you wanna go outside?" I thought there might be something up her sleeve to let me go with puffer jacket.I usually don't like having my red puffer jacket on, but this is how I thought of it:
red puffer + no whining= playtime in the snow.

I'm so there.

My favorite part of shoveling the driveway with mom is waiting for her to overturn the shovel full of snow and then RUNNING underneath it, so all the snow falls on me!

I get so excited, I shake it off, then bury my face in the new pile and run around like a crazy dog. Kinda like this:

Christmas morning came and guess what Santa brought me? A new collar with fancy tags on it! I was having a bit of an "issue" with my old leather/spike collar, so I'm really glad Santa thought to get me a new one that doesn't itch. I was so excited, I gave mom a big hug! Hmm, what else did Santa bring me? A new leash that's gotta bungee cord on it, so I don't pull so hard when we walk (awesome, btw!)...and a new Santa loofah dog which I carry with me everywhere I sum it Christmas ever!