Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Foolish website?

(This is a mom-post)
I wonder if people feel its foolish that I have a blog about my dog. I mean, honestly, I know (duh!) its a dog, therefore not everyone's cup o' tea, but then I realize why I do this blog:

Because I like being happy.

I read blogs about women who have lost their children, women who are raising their children, men who are raising kids, teenagers going through teenage 'stuff'...but I always walk away from their blogs with a sense of, "gosh...that's a little heavy- or a little dark..." but mostly I think, "I'm glad Jack and I are such a happy pair".

Nothing new, different or very exciting has happened in Jack and my life recently. Last night we sat on the landing playing with four of his favorite toys for a while. He gets so greedy and its a trait I work hard to prevent from becoming an "issue"...he likes to share, don't get me wrong, but he also likes to have what you have. Like most four year olds :) haha

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Field trip!

Mom was home with me yesterday and we took a field trip! (I LOVE field trips!)

We started out taking a walk, covering the typical ground- but then, mom lead me PAST where we typically stop.

Something was up!

Boy am I glad that mom packed me a bottle of water (with ice cubes!) because boy did I need it.

We walked to PetsMart!! I love PetsMart- I always get to meet new friends while I'm there with mom...typically I get a new toy (wink) but I ALWAYS get a treat when we check out!

Friday, July 10, 2009


Every summer I have lots of friends pop into my backyard. Sometimes its our next door neighbors dog, Gizmo (he crawls under the fence)...sometimes its a stray cat (which I chase away immediately!)...sometimes its a squirrel, but mostly during the summer, its rabbits.

Last summer, in particular, was a very busy summer for our backyard rabbits. You see, they built their dens in my yard.

One day, I'm all alone in my yard, the next, I've got 5 little bright pink things looking up at me (their eyes were still closed, mom said that's because they were still so little)!

I couldn't believe what I was seeing- so I did what I always do when there is something strange in my yard. I stood, feet
shoulder width apart, and howled until I got mom to poke her head out.


(Nothing from mom. Try again. Still nothing. This time I howled as loud as I could- this got mom's attention!)

mom: Jack! Get in here!
me: no. (and I stood still)
mom: Jaaaaack- COME!
me: no. (I know I'm not supposed to disobey mom, but I haaaaaad to!)
me: no. (Oh boy, she's getting mad!)
mom: What are you doing?

(AH HA! JACKPOT- she's walking over to me!)

mom: (looking into the hole) OH NO! Come on, let's go inside!
me: no.

Mom finally had to grab my collar before I budged, and then the phone calls started. She called grammy and grampy, "what do I do with baby bunnies in our yard?"

Then dad came home, "look at what YOUR dog found!" (I knew she was just upset, so I let that one slide...even though I know I'm HER dog!)

The next evening grampy came over with chicken wire. They put a big lawn chair over the hole to keep me out (the nerve!) and cut a hole in the wire so the mommy bunny could still come in and feed them.

It was TORTURE for a week and a half- they started squeaking, then their little ears started to pop up, I think they knew I was their friend!

Then the morning came when I woke up, ran outside to check on my little bunnies, but they were all gone. Just like that- they grew up right in front of me, and now they were gone.

My feelings were only hurt for about a day- that's when another rabbit made a nest and I had 4 new bunnies to look after!

I know mom has her fingers crossed that we don't have bunnies again this year (so far, her wish has been granted!) but I want more bunnies!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fourth of July

As we do every year, to celebrate the fourth of July, mom, dad and I headed up to the lake house. My favorite part of going up there? The lake of course!

I was so excited when we got there that Zoe was already there. (She's my Jack Russell Terrier cousin- we get along like peas and carrots).

It seems Zoe is far more aerodynamically designed, because boy can she run! She tires me out in no time- and the best part of being tired-out up
at the lake? Going into the lake to cool off.

Because I learn quickly, I have a list (a shor
t one) of rules for the lake:
#1- make sure the electric fence is turned OFF before playing near it
#2- don't swim out further than I can touch the bottom

Because of rule #2 mom has learned not to throw the tennis ball out too far.

(She's learned from the past that I will stop when I can no longer touch the bottom. Watch the ball float past me. Turn around. Paddle like crazy, and then be scared out of my mind.)

Zoe on the other hand is the Michael Phelps of the doggy paddle. Fetching the ball got easier the more tired I got. (Strange, right?)

Once I learned that I could float, I got pretty good at
swimming in circles and waiting for the ball to come to me.

Dad got some pretty awesome shots of me shaking off.

To help me dry off, dad likes to throw the ball up WAAAAAY high for me to catch. (I love playing fetch!)

When the day was over and the bags were packed back up, I jumped into my carrier, and slept the whoooole way home. (Waking up the next day was hard too, so I slept in for most of it!)

Happy fourth of July everyone!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ooooh, a new toy!

Mom surprised me last Thursday afternoon by coming home early! I was even MORE excited when I saw who was behind her, Grandma, Aunt Jessica and Uncle Adam! HOORAY!

Whenever my auntie and uncle come and visit me, I just know I'm going to get a
cool toy. Last summer when Uncle Adam came to see me, I got a really cool squeekie toy. We just call him 'squeak'. His tail and tongue used to pop out when I'd squeeze his you can see from this photo though, his tail didn't last long.
I didn't understand though why, after only being in the house a few minutes, everyone sat down at the table to eat- not play with me!

I realized I must take matters into my own hands, and so I found my toy uncle got me last summer, and dropped it by his feet. He got the hint (after he ate) and we went to the backyard and threw my tennis balls for a while. But then, they left!

They didn't come back until it was dark outside! Mom, aunt Jessica and Dad came home, and GUESS WHAT? Aunt Jessica got me a new toy, a loofa dog chef! She and I played on the floor for a while; I was just so excited to have a new toy- and the best part, he squeaks! Then it was picture time- I LOOOOOVE having my picture taken! (Mom says I'm very 'photogenic')
Yesterday mom and I were home together and I got to play with my loofa chef all day! I'm not a rough pup, but when there is stuffing inside a toy, I feel its my duty to pull it all out.Mom said I should become a surgeon because of the precison I use to extract the puff...
...I had to remind her I don't have opposable thumbs!