Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fourth of July

As we do every year, to celebrate the fourth of July, mom, dad and I headed up to the lake house. My favorite part of going up there? The lake of course!

I was so excited when we got there that Zoe was already there. (She's my Jack Russell Terrier cousin- we get along like peas and carrots).

It seems Zoe is far more aerodynamically designed, because boy can she run! She tires me out in no time- and the best part of being tired-out up
at the lake? Going into the lake to cool off.

Because I learn quickly, I have a list (a shor
t one) of rules for the lake:
#1- make sure the electric fence is turned OFF before playing near it
#2- don't swim out further than I can touch the bottom

Because of rule #2 mom has learned not to throw the tennis ball out too far.

(She's learned from the past that I will stop when I can no longer touch the bottom. Watch the ball float past me. Turn around. Paddle like crazy, and then be scared out of my mind.)

Zoe on the other hand is the Michael Phelps of the doggy paddle. Fetching the ball got easier the more tired I got. (Strange, right?)

Once I learned that I could float, I got pretty good at
swimming in circles and waiting for the ball to come to me.

Dad got some pretty awesome shots of me shaking off.

To help me dry off, dad likes to throw the ball up WAAAAAY high for me to catch. (I love playing fetch!)

When the day was over and the bags were packed back up, I jumped into my carrier, and slept the whoooole way home. (Waking up the next day was hard too, so I slept in for most of it!)

Happy fourth of July everyone!

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