Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mom Post

Yesterday the boys went and played golf, which gave my mil and I the day to do whatever we wanted. So, we went scrapbook shopping (with birthday money, of course...I still haven't gotten paid- grrrr) and I found soooo many things that I wanted to use for my summer '09 scrapbook...including TWO of those fat pads of fancy papers...anyway, I got 'em and couldn't believe how nice it felt to spend money on such frivilous things (seriously, I haven't taken home a paycheck in almost 12 weeks!)

Okay, I promise this is going somewhere! haha

So the mil and I go back to her house and we start pulling out what we wanted to scrap. Since we just went to Disney for my birthday, it was an obvious choice...while the mil has been working on our wedding album and stuff.

She pulled out a picture of Thanksgiving '04 and showed it to me. I stopped and stared at it for about 10 minutes. We had gotten Jack just four days BEFORE that picture was taken.

I couldn't believe how small he was! How big he is now. How much has changed in 4 years. And then I realized just how much I DIDN'T know Jack then.

Duh, he was terribly cute, but he and I didn't have a relationship yet, you know? He was just a little baby and we were both learning about each other- who we each were...

It made me wonder how I'm going to react to our kids (you know...when we have one!) Will I know then when they come out? Will I cry when I look at their baby pictures when they are turning 4? The obvious answer is, YES, I'm going to cry over everything with them. I cry and get choked up with Jack...haha. Speaking of which, I cannot believe in November I'll have had my best puppy friend for 4 years! Eeek!

My mil finally brought me back from my daydream cloud when she mentioned that my mouth was open (and had been for 10 minutes- while staring at the photo)...

Anyway, my scrapbook is coming along quite well...I'm going to have to make another scrapbook for Jack (yes, he totally already has one! haha)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Buh-bye Kitty

Every so often I need to remind the animals in our neighborhood that this is MY backyard. And, while I don't mind sharing (actually, I'm really good at sharing) I do not like having visitors in my yard that have not signed the guest book. (And by guest book I mean, check with me first).

Last night, it had just gotten dark outside and I saw a flash of orange. This caught my attention. Then it moved again.

me: MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM- Lemme outside! Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooof
mom: (Thinking I was hurt) Jack, are you okay?

And then she saw what I saw. An orange tabby cat.

mom: Go get 'em buddy!

With that she opened the screen door and off I went.

Around the first curve of the burn barrel, in and out of the trees, made my way around to the corner and I was so close to the fluffy orange beast I almost caught it, but I didn't.

After the cat reached a dead-end in the corner, it ran the other way, right under the fence and right UP a tree.

me: But I can still smell it! Where'd it go?!
mom: Look buddy, up in the tree!

All this noise got the attention of our next door neighbor dogs, two labs. If the cat wasn't so lame, it would have realized the tree it was digging its claws into was right ABOVE the labs.

I had a good laugh, peed and came inside where dad gave me a cookie for enforcing the rules. You either sign the guest book- or get kicked out!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Party time!!!

I've said this once before and I'll say it again, a party for anyone (especially mom) is a party for me!

Mom's birthday was this past Saturday and the celebrating came early! On Wednesday
night, mom, dad and I packed up 'Choke and my stuff, got in the car and went over to Grammy and Grampy's.

Mom sat on the floor so I could sit near her while she ate. I got to play with Winston (whose back leg is feeling much better! He chased me around, that's how I know) bark at the front door (they have a glass front door, so I can see riiiiiight through it!) and, my favorite part of any party, eat wrapping paper!

Mom tore into her present, but then sat it down, and played with me and the wrapping paper :) Dad tried to tuck some under my tail...silly dad!

After we sung 'happy birthday' to mom, they got up. "Time to go", like I always do, I ran to the door so we could leave.

Mom: Buddy, your staying here with Grammy and Grampy
Me: Hu?
Mom: We're going to see Mickey Mouse tomorrow, so you're going to stay here
Me: But...but...I like Mickey Mouse!

Mom: Jack, you'll be fine
Me: (fighting back tears) I wanna come
Mom: We'll be back in a few days buddy. We love you.
Me: Buuuut

And then went through the door. I ran over to Grammy, "Where are they going? Why are they leaving me?" I asked her with panicked eyes. "Come here Jack".

She put my leash on me, and just as mom and dad were pulling away, Grammy picked up my front paw and I waved good bye to them.

I could tell mom was upset. Either she had something in her eye or she was crying.

Either way, I had so much fun on my weekend visit with Grammy, Grampy and Winston. We went for so many walks (well, Winston stayed home, he's old you know) and then on Sunday, Mom and dad came home!

One big happy family!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Summertime Vet Visit (as usual)

Last night my summertime itches came to a head and mom and I took a trip to the vet.

Most trips to the vet I get really scared because I feel okay and don't want to get poked. This trip was different. This trip, I was really sick.

It seems every summer mom and I have to make a trip to the vet. Aunt Jessica jokes that I'm "allergic to being a dog" (I agree sometimes) and mom says that I'm "allergic to summer". This all makes sense to me.

We have poison ivy in the backyard and a bunch of other "things" which I guess I'm allergic to. Like people with th
eir summertime allergies, puggles have 'em too!

Mine starts with my ears, and
ends in hives on my body. Which makes me scratch incessantly, shake my head until it feels like my brains are scrambled eggs and scratch my ears until they feel better. But they never do.

Our trip to Petsmart on Saturday was to pick up some fancy "itch-relief and hot spot shampoo". I got the most luxiourus bath...lots of bubbles, lots of cookies and lots of "hey, you smell good buddy!" from dad. But it seemed, for about a day, that my summertime itchies were gone.

Fast forward to yesterday. When mom came home she noticed I had hives on my back and belly again, so she called the vet.
Normally in the vets office, I run around, meeting other dogs and people.

This time, I curled up on the bench next to mom and waited
patiently. (Well, I mean, true to puggle-form, I whined a lot, but that's just how I communicate!) The dr washed out my ears, which made me wiggle A LOT (I don't like stuff in my ears!) he weighed me (31.2 pounds!) and he gave me a shot (which I didn't really feel because I was too busy thinking of how bad my ears hurt) and off we went.

Dr said I had two ear infections as well as a "serious skin allergy caused by an allergin". I sure don't know what that means, and mom didn't either.

I could tell mom felt bad because she kept saying, "I'm sorry buddy"...but really, she did all she could to help me. When we got home, I curled up on mom's lap and took a nap. Going to the vet sure takes a lot out of me!

Maybe tonight I'll get another bath in that fancy shampoo??

Thanks for taking care of me mom.

Monday, August 10, 2009

My 50th Post!!

Each post I put up here is a milestone. I made it to another day. God took care of me another day. You know...there is a lot to be thankful for when you stop and stear. So, my 50th post is a milestone- thanks for sharing it with me :)

This weekend Mom and I went to my favorite store, PetsMart! I love going there because people always say, "can I touch your dog" to mom and I get so excited to meet new people, I worry I'll shake my tail right off!

We had a shopping list for our trip. Three things, food ('cause I'm a piggy) a poop-bag holder (because my old one got lost somewhere...with a FULL roll of
poop-picker-upper-bags in it!) and some shampoo for my itches. (I seem to be allergic to summer- it happens every summer, and every summer its the same thing, I hope and pray for Fall to come!)

Mom grabbed a cart, and off we went. We grabbed everything that was on our list and then, I met a new friend, Morgan.

Morgan is a Great Dane. I am a puggle.

Morgan weighs roughly 130 pounds. I weigh 32.

Morgan is a puppy. I am almost four years old.

You can imagine my surprise when he wanted to play with me, and put his paw on my head. HIS PAW WAS AS BIG AS MY HEAD!

While he was a big friend, Morgan was a gentle friend. His mom let my mom take photos of us together!

When we were ready to check out, I got lots of cookies from the nice lady because, "he's so well behaved". hehe- that makes me giggle when people say that.

The only thing that bothered me was the automatic sliding doors at the entrance of PetsMart. While mom was getting the 20 pound bag of dog food up, I wandered to the other side of the door. Then got stuck. Mom had to stop what she was doing to open the doors for me to come back inside. Then I walked back outside, and they closed. This happened about three times until mom was ready with the bags. Silly mom, why didn't you just push the cart outside? (Hindsight is 20-20 she says...whatever that means!)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Heeeeeeey, I know that face!

So, mom follows this blog about raising a boxer, named Bruno. Its a small part of a very informative website about dog breeds.

A really long time ago, mom sent in my picture (because I've got such a cute mug!) hoping the web master would put it under her 'puggle' pictures.


She did! (I'm the first one on the page!) Mom said some really nice things about me too!!

I heart summer

Some people know its winter when they shovel their driveways.

Some people know its spring when their flowers start to

I know its summer when we wake up early and head to the softball fields.

Dad plays lots of sports, basketball in the winter and softball in the summer. I never get to watch him play basketball (something about rules and pets allowed nonsense...)

Softball however is outside, in a
field, with a lake and LOTS of things for me sniff.

This Saturday was dad's tournament game. We woke up early, mom packed a cooler with some water and ice cubes for me, the jug filled with Gatorade for dad and off we went!
(Although, the jug always leaks on mom, so every time we made a turn, the stuff would spill on mom- when we got to the fields, her sandals were sticky! Ewwww...)

To keep me cool mom gives m
e ice cubes (hmmmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about them!) When we're home and I get ice cubes in my dish, I always pull out the cubes, bring them to the carpet (which dad always gets upset about, "what's this wet spot?") chomp them in half, and walk away...but in the grass, I could just crack the cube in half, and lick it!

Dad and Uncle Ryan play on the same team. Have I ever talked about my Uncle Ryan? Ooooh, I just LOVE him! Uncle Ryan lets me walk all over him, give him as many kisses as I want, and he likes to play with me!

Grammy and Grampy came too and guess what? They brought Winston with them too!! (I haven't been able to play with Winston in a while since he had surgery- so this was a VERY big day!)

Since it was so hot I only got to see one of five games dad played in.

Mom took me home, gave me lots of love, hugs and treats, and left me home. Its okay though...I was able to catch up on my naps- like I said, we had to wake up early!

The very last game of the day, I hear dad made the only home run (all day!) and our team ended up winning the tournament (two years in a row!)

(That is a picture of mom, Grammy and Grampy!)

So now that softball is over, I know summer is starting to wind down- but there is still one more big celebration before its Fall...Mom's birthday! YIPPY!!! When its mom's birthday- its also like my birthday because I'm always with her...a party for mom, is a party for me :)

And, just in case you were wondering how our pumpkins were doing...