Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Party time!!!

I've said this once before and I'll say it again, a party for anyone (especially mom) is a party for me!

Mom's birthday was this past Saturday and the celebrating came early! On Wednesday
night, mom, dad and I packed up 'Choke and my stuff, got in the car and went over to Grammy and Grampy's.

Mom sat on the floor so I could sit near her while she ate. I got to play with Winston (whose back leg is feeling much better! He chased me around, that's how I know) bark at the front door (they have a glass front door, so I can see riiiiiight through it!) and, my favorite part of any party, eat wrapping paper!

Mom tore into her present, but then sat it down, and played with me and the wrapping paper :) Dad tried to tuck some under my tail...silly dad!

After we sung 'happy birthday' to mom, they got up. "Time to go", like I always do, I ran to the door so we could leave.

Mom: Buddy, your staying here with Grammy and Grampy
Me: Hu?
Mom: We're going to see Mickey Mouse tomorrow, so you're going to stay here
Me: But...but...I like Mickey Mouse!

Mom: Jack, you'll be fine
Me: (fighting back tears) I wanna come
Mom: We'll be back in a few days buddy. We love you.
Me: Buuuut

And then went through the door. I ran over to Grammy, "Where are they going? Why are they leaving me?" I asked her with panicked eyes. "Come here Jack".

She put my leash on me, and just as mom and dad were pulling away, Grammy picked up my front paw and I waved good bye to them.

I could tell mom was upset. Either she had something in her eye or she was crying.

Either way, I had so much fun on my weekend visit with Grammy, Grampy and Winston. We went for so many walks (well, Winston stayed home, he's old you know) and then on Sunday, Mom and dad came home!

One big happy family!

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