Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hold on tight!

Mom, 'Lil Man and I go for walks. A lot. Last year when we went he was little and didn't really do much. Like, he just sat there, kinda like a blob. A cute one, but still, a blob. Well that's all a thing of the past. See, this year, on our very first walk of the year (together, mom and I take walks in the winter, but he's a "baby" and "can't go outside when its that cold" so we went alone.) I'm just walking along side the stroller, when all a sudden I feel a tug. Hu? I look over and guess whose holding my leash? Lil' Man! Seems whenever we go for a walk now, all he wants to do is hold my leash. Which is cool with me, I mean, I'm just happy to get outside and sniff around the block. You know, a lot can change over the winter!

Lil' Man has even found the drawer where mom keeps my leash. Last week he started running around the house holding it yelling, "DOOOOOOOOOOG!" But I didn't get excited. I only get excited when MOM opens that drawer and pulls out the leash, because she can actually open doors and stuff. When Lil' Man does it, its just a tease. So I've found ways to cope:
 I hide under his blankie
I try and hide under Eeyore

Neither have been super successful, so I'm gonna keep trying. Ahhhh the life of having a little brother...