Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Itch I can't scratch

I thought this summer would be different than all my previous summers.
I thought this summer I wouldn't be itchy.
I thought this summer I would finally escape the pain of seasonal allergies.
I was wrong.

I escaped June, July and part of August. Which, based on my past history, is really good! But now, the end of August, something has sprung up causing me to itch. And scratch. And drag myself across the floor like a soldier in combat training....

Ohhhhh seasonal allergies, why oh why can't I escape you??

Maybe we should move to Alaska? Hmmmm

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Schoep- man's best friend

I just read this article about an older pup named Schoep who has really bad joints, and his owner takes him to the lake to float...

Its a pretty inspiring story with some great photos- check it out!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Shhh, don't whine

A funny thing happened a few months ago, mommy's belly got a lot smaller and our house got a lot louder. Not like, the house starting making noise, like this one little thing* started making a lot of noise. A lot. (*Thing will be referred to as Mr.Pricklepants...otherwise known as our son!)

See, mom had our baby back in December (which is why its been so long since I've posted anything on here...apparently I can't do it by myself, hu. Go figure, right?) And while somethings remained the same, others have changed, quite a bit actually. I'm starting to understand why we watched Lady and the Tramp everyday in November...seems mom was trying to prep me. Again I say, hu.

Its not that I don't like Mr.Pricklepants, in fact, we get along swimmingly. He cries, I whine. We speak the same language. Although, there have been some game changers which I'd like to complain about.

Specifically, when did it become ok to throw up in the house? Everyone runs to help Mr.Pricklepants, but I puke? "OUTSIDE!". Pretty sure we shouldn't change the rules on that one guys. Just sayin.

Also, he farts and everyone gets all googly eyed- "oooh, that was a big one!". I fart, "Ohhhh, that's groooooooooss!" If the rules are the rules, why do we bend them for this little prickly person? Again, just sayin.

But I will say, I've gotten used to the crying. Thankfully he doesn't do it that often...and it seems, based on my powers of observation, mommy doesn't like it when he cries and I whine on top of his noise. Daddy says mommy is "over worked" and a little "on edge" so it would be best to "shhh, don't whine"