Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Summertime Vet Visit (as usual)

Last night my summertime itches came to a head and mom and I took a trip to the vet.

Most trips to the vet I get really scared because I feel okay and don't want to get poked. This trip was different. This trip, I was really sick.

It seems every summer mom and I have to make a trip to the vet. Aunt Jessica jokes that I'm "allergic to being a dog" (I agree sometimes) and mom says that I'm "allergic to summer". This all makes sense to me.

We have poison ivy in the backyard and a bunch of other "things" which I guess I'm allergic to. Like people with th
eir summertime allergies, puggles have 'em too!

Mine starts with my ears, and
ends in hives on my body. Which makes me scratch incessantly, shake my head until it feels like my brains are scrambled eggs and scratch my ears until they feel better. But they never do.

Our trip to Petsmart on Saturday was to pick up some fancy "itch-relief and hot spot shampoo". I got the most luxiourus bath...lots of bubbles, lots of cookies and lots of "hey, you smell good buddy!" from dad. But it seemed, for about a day, that my summertime itchies were gone.

Fast forward to yesterday. When mom came home she noticed I had hives on my back and belly again, so she called the vet.
Normally in the vets office, I run around, meeting other dogs and people.

This time, I curled up on the bench next to mom and waited
patiently. (Well, I mean, true to puggle-form, I whined a lot, but that's just how I communicate!) The dr washed out my ears, which made me wiggle A LOT (I don't like stuff in my ears!) he weighed me (31.2 pounds!) and he gave me a shot (which I didn't really feel because I was too busy thinking of how bad my ears hurt) and off we went.

Dr said I had two ear infections as well as a "serious skin allergy caused by an allergin". I sure don't know what that means, and mom didn't either.

I could tell mom felt bad because she kept saying, "I'm sorry buddy"...but really, she did all she could to help me. When we got home, I curled up on mom's lap and took a nap. Going to the vet sure takes a lot out of me!

Maybe tonight I'll get another bath in that fancy shampoo??

Thanks for taking care of me mom.

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  1. My Puggle constantly gets yeast infections in his ears...and if we don't keep up with cleaning his ears, they get really, really bad. : ( I know a lot about that head-shaking thing. Hope you feel better!