Monday, August 10, 2009

My 50th Post!!

Each post I put up here is a milestone. I made it to another day. God took care of me another day. You know...there is a lot to be thankful for when you stop and stear. So, my 50th post is a milestone- thanks for sharing it with me :)

This weekend Mom and I went to my favorite store, PetsMart! I love going there because people always say, "can I touch your dog" to mom and I get so excited to meet new people, I worry I'll shake my tail right off!

We had a shopping list for our trip. Three things, food ('cause I'm a piggy) a poop-bag holder (because my old one got lost somewhere...with a FULL roll of
poop-picker-upper-bags in it!) and some shampoo for my itches. (I seem to be allergic to summer- it happens every summer, and every summer its the same thing, I hope and pray for Fall to come!)

Mom grabbed a cart, and off we went. We grabbed everything that was on our list and then, I met a new friend, Morgan.

Morgan is a Great Dane. I am a puggle.

Morgan weighs roughly 130 pounds. I weigh 32.

Morgan is a puppy. I am almost four years old.

You can imagine my surprise when he wanted to play with me, and put his paw on my head. HIS PAW WAS AS BIG AS MY HEAD!

While he was a big friend, Morgan was a gentle friend. His mom let my mom take photos of us together!

When we were ready to check out, I got lots of cookies from the nice lady because, "he's so well behaved". hehe- that makes me giggle when people say that.

The only thing that bothered me was the automatic sliding doors at the entrance of PetsMart. While mom was getting the 20 pound bag of dog food up, I wandered to the other side of the door. Then got stuck. Mom had to stop what she was doing to open the doors for me to come back inside. Then I walked back outside, and they closed. This happened about three times until mom was ready with the bags. Silly mom, why didn't you just push the cart outside? (Hindsight is 20-20 she says...whatever that means!)

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  1. Ha ha ha - welcome to my life! I have a Great Dane AND a Puggle! : ) They are quite a pair!