Monday, August 3, 2009

I heart summer

Some people know its winter when they shovel their driveways.

Some people know its spring when their flowers start to

I know its summer when we wake up early and head to the softball fields.

Dad plays lots of sports, basketball in the winter and softball in the summer. I never get to watch him play basketball (something about rules and pets allowed nonsense...)

Softball however is outside, in a
field, with a lake and LOTS of things for me sniff.

This Saturday was dad's tournament game. We woke up early, mom packed a cooler with some water and ice cubes for me, the jug filled with Gatorade for dad and off we went!
(Although, the jug always leaks on mom, so every time we made a turn, the stuff would spill on mom- when we got to the fields, her sandals were sticky! Ewwww...)

To keep me cool mom gives m
e ice cubes (hmmmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about them!) When we're home and I get ice cubes in my dish, I always pull out the cubes, bring them to the carpet (which dad always gets upset about, "what's this wet spot?") chomp them in half, and walk away...but in the grass, I could just crack the cube in half, and lick it!

Dad and Uncle Ryan play on the same team. Have I ever talked about my Uncle Ryan? Ooooh, I just LOVE him! Uncle Ryan lets me walk all over him, give him as many kisses as I want, and he likes to play with me!

Grammy and Grampy came too and guess what? They brought Winston with them too!! (I haven't been able to play with Winston in a while since he had surgery- so this was a VERY big day!)

Since it was so hot I only got to see one of five games dad played in.

Mom took me home, gave me lots of love, hugs and treats, and left me home. Its okay though...I was able to catch up on my naps- like I said, we had to wake up early!

The very last game of the day, I hear dad made the only home run (all day!) and our team ended up winning the tournament (two years in a row!)

(That is a picture of mom, Grammy and Grampy!)

So now that softball is over, I know summer is starting to wind down- but there is still one more big celebration before its Fall...Mom's birthday! YIPPY!!! When its mom's birthday- its also like my birthday because I'm always with her...a party for mom, is a party for me :)

And, just in case you were wondering how our pumpkins were doing...

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