Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mom Post

Yesterday the boys went and played golf, which gave my mil and I the day to do whatever we wanted. So, we went scrapbook shopping (with birthday money, of course...I still haven't gotten paid- grrrr) and I found soooo many things that I wanted to use for my summer '09 scrapbook...including TWO of those fat pads of fancy papers...anyway, I got 'em and couldn't believe how nice it felt to spend money on such frivilous things (seriously, I haven't taken home a paycheck in almost 12 weeks!)

Okay, I promise this is going somewhere! haha

So the mil and I go back to her house and we start pulling out what we wanted to scrap. Since we just went to Disney for my birthday, it was an obvious choice...while the mil has been working on our wedding album and stuff.

She pulled out a picture of Thanksgiving '04 and showed it to me. I stopped and stared at it for about 10 minutes. We had gotten Jack just four days BEFORE that picture was taken.

I couldn't believe how small he was! How big he is now. How much has changed in 4 years. And then I realized just how much I DIDN'T know Jack then.

Duh, he was terribly cute, but he and I didn't have a relationship yet, you know? He was just a little baby and we were both learning about each other- who we each were...

It made me wonder how I'm going to react to our kids (you know...when we have one!) Will I know then when they come out? Will I cry when I look at their baby pictures when they are turning 4? The obvious answer is, YES, I'm going to cry over everything with them. I cry and get choked up with Jack...haha. Speaking of which, I cannot believe in November I'll have had my best puppy friend for 4 years! Eeek!

My mil finally brought me back from my daydream cloud when she mentioned that my mouth was open (and had been for 10 minutes- while staring at the photo)...

Anyway, my scrapbook is coming along quite well...I'm going to have to make another scrapbook for Jack (yes, he totally already has one! haha)


  1. I feel that way about Dinah when I look at her baby pictures! I've had her 3.5 years (come October 19) and it's bizarre because she's SUCH a monster now :)

  2. I couldn't agree more Cai :) Our babies are growning up!