Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I have, what some may call, a "sensitive stomach". Through trial and error (lots of smelly error...if you know what I mean) we found out that I have the dog equivalent of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, IBS.

I've always been on special dog food, you know, the kind that we can only buy at the vet's office.

Mom says, its "gold" because of how much it costs...but I just call it food.

After being on the "gold" food for 2+ years, mom thought it was time to find less expensive food. We found Purina ProPlan food that tastes yummy, smells realllllllly good (well, it took mom a while to get used to the smell, but I liked it right away!) and makes me feel good!
We buy in bulk.

But, since I'm a single puggle, I don't go through a 20 pound bag of food fast, dad bought a big air tight container to hold the rest of the food.

Mom has a smaller one she keeps in the kitchen to feed me from each day...but this is the goldmine!

Once every few months the goldmine runs low, and mom has to fill it.

Filling the goldmine = happy puggle

When its filled to the tippy-top, mom lets me grab some!

Hmmmm, I love yummies!!

**Mom note***

The 'gold' food we bought from the vet was close to $50 for a 20 pound bag! It was Purina EN dry dog food. (The EN stood for gastrointestinal).

The thought of switching his food, and upsetting his stomach really worried me but after a lot of research, found the Purina ProPlan Sensitive Skin and Stomach formula would be the best switch.

I GRADUALLY introduced it to Jack over the course of about a month.

Started with a few pieces, and he would seriously PICK OUT the new pieces and eat those first, then move on to the rest of the old food. Towards the end of the month, he started to pick out his old food, and not eat it! Hahaha.

He didn't (and hasn't) had any stomach upset since making the switch 5(-ish) months ago. He really looks forward to meal time now...seriously, he'll sit underneath the cabinet his food is in, everyday around 4.30 (dinner isn't served until 5)...I'm soooooooooo thankful to the folks at Purina for making a food that really DOES what its supposed to.


  1. Haha Jack, thats a big food dish you got there... Thank goodness for Purina

  2. Hi Jack. Happy almost fourth birthday! My name is Re and I freelance for a magazine that is all about dogs who are great companions. I saw your blog today and wondered if your mom would be interested in talking with us for an article about dogs and their everyday adventures with their people. She can contact me at noel.writers@gmail.com.