Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ooooh, a new toy!

Mom surprised me last Thursday afternoon by coming home early! I was even MORE excited when I saw who was behind her, Grandma, Aunt Jessica and Uncle Adam! HOORAY!

Whenever my auntie and uncle come and visit me, I just know I'm going to get a
cool toy. Last summer when Uncle Adam came to see me, I got a really cool squeekie toy. We just call him 'squeak'. His tail and tongue used to pop out when I'd squeeze his you can see from this photo though, his tail didn't last long.
I didn't understand though why, after only being in the house a few minutes, everyone sat down at the table to eat- not play with me!

I realized I must take matters into my own hands, and so I found my toy uncle got me last summer, and dropped it by his feet. He got the hint (after he ate) and we went to the backyard and threw my tennis balls for a while. But then, they left!

They didn't come back until it was dark outside! Mom, aunt Jessica and Dad came home, and GUESS WHAT? Aunt Jessica got me a new toy, a loofa dog chef! She and I played on the floor for a while; I was just so excited to have a new toy- and the best part, he squeaks! Then it was picture time- I LOOOOOVE having my picture taken! (Mom says I'm very 'photogenic')
Yesterday mom and I were home together and I got to play with my loofa chef all day! I'm not a rough pup, but when there is stuffing inside a toy, I feel its my duty to pull it all out.Mom said I should become a surgeon because of the precison I use to extract the puff...
...I had to remind her I don't have opposable thumbs!

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