Friday, July 10, 2009


Every summer I have lots of friends pop into my backyard. Sometimes its our next door neighbors dog, Gizmo (he crawls under the fence)...sometimes its a stray cat (which I chase away immediately!)...sometimes its a squirrel, but mostly during the summer, its rabbits.

Last summer, in particular, was a very busy summer for our backyard rabbits. You see, they built their dens in my yard.

One day, I'm all alone in my yard, the next, I've got 5 little bright pink things looking up at me (their eyes were still closed, mom said that's because they were still so little)!

I couldn't believe what I was seeing- so I did what I always do when there is something strange in my yard. I stood, feet
shoulder width apart, and howled until I got mom to poke her head out.


(Nothing from mom. Try again. Still nothing. This time I howled as loud as I could- this got mom's attention!)

mom: Jack! Get in here!
me: no. (and I stood still)
mom: Jaaaaack- COME!
me: no. (I know I'm not supposed to disobey mom, but I haaaaaad to!)
me: no. (Oh boy, she's getting mad!)
mom: What are you doing?

(AH HA! JACKPOT- she's walking over to me!)

mom: (looking into the hole) OH NO! Come on, let's go inside!
me: no.

Mom finally had to grab my collar before I budged, and then the phone calls started. She called grammy and grampy, "what do I do with baby bunnies in our yard?"

Then dad came home, "look at what YOUR dog found!" (I knew she was just upset, so I let that one slide...even though I know I'm HER dog!)

The next evening grampy came over with chicken wire. They put a big lawn chair over the hole to keep me out (the nerve!) and cut a hole in the wire so the mommy bunny could still come in and feed them.

It was TORTURE for a week and a half- they started squeaking, then their little ears started to pop up, I think they knew I was their friend!

Then the morning came when I woke up, ran outside to check on my little bunnies, but they were all gone. Just like that- they grew up right in front of me, and now they were gone.

My feelings were only hurt for about a day- that's when another rabbit made a nest and I had 4 new bunnies to look after!

I know mom has her fingers crossed that we don't have bunnies again this year (so far, her wish has been granted!) but I want more bunnies!!!

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