Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February is a busy month!

For starters, its cold outside! We just got a lot of snow this weekend (which I LOVE; I've been playing in the backyard as much as I can...) but we're supposed to be getting MORE snow today! Yippy!!

Just got an email adding another even to my busy month of February. Apparently, February 20th is Love Your Pet Day!! What else makes February a busy month? For starters, we just celebrated the Super Bowl, the 13th is dad's birthday, then Valentine's day, then Grampy's birthday and now we add Love Your Pet Day to the calendar...

I'm a firm believer in loving your pet all day everyday, but why not have one holiday just about me? (Well, I mean, we already have two days out of the year that celebrate me, my 'gotcha-day' and my birthday...really, what's one more?)

Don't forget to mark your calendars!!!

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