Monday, February 22, 2010

Uh-nother new collar

I walked by mom the other day and she said, "oh Jack, you need a bath buddy!". Armed with cookies, she lead the way into the bathroom where she proceeded to fill a nice warm bath for me.

When she was washing my neck she noticed my rash. Yup, I have another rash. (Which, if you recall, is one reason why I got a new collar for Christmas, because mom thought I was allergic to something in the old one? Right, well it seems that I'm just allergic to any leather collar; even cool ones with spikes)...

Rather than blow drying me, she gave me a warm towel rub-down and then let me loose in the house. Thank heavens she turned on the fireplace! I sat there getting nice and toasty for a looooong time. When dad came home, mom and he decided it was time to buy me another new collar.

So, now I have a really nice nylon graphite colored collar with brushed nickel accents (yeah, that's how I roll if I can't have my spikes, brushed nickel accents work just fine!)

I hope this one doesn't give me another rash...

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