Thursday, March 25, 2010

Funny thing happened when I scratched

The last post I made was about my new collar...and how I was sooooo excited about it. And how it looked soooo cute. Well, a funny thing happened when I scratched one day...

It came off.

Mom was busy putting away clothing and I had an itch. So I scratched. I scratched so much that my collar came off! But before I could put it back on, I realized how wonderful it felt to not have anything around my neck. Soooo, I jumped up on the bed and waited for mom to find it.

When she came out and saw the collar she looked at it, then at me. Then back to the collar. "How did you do that Jack?" She picked up the collar and inspected it. I hadn't torn it. The latch still clasped, so really, how did I get it off my neck? It was simple, I had an itch.

All of a sudden mom went into over drive. She ran downstairs, put on my harness, grabbed the collar off the floor, put me in the car and we flew into Petsmart, down the collar isle and we tried on all kinds of collars.

I wasn't too interested in trying on new collars, but I was interested in all the yummy smelling bones that were in the isle. Hmmmm, beef basted rawhides!

As it turns out, we FINALLY decided upon a new collar. Now, to refresh your memory, I typically wear this kinda collar:Black leather spikes. Yup, that's how I roll. Although since I'm apparently allergic to the leather, this is now how I roll...
I now sport the bottom one, with the really cool neon green and blue bones. It took a little while to adjust to my new digs, but I really like it. I mean, it doesn't scare away squirrels as well as the spikes did, but its cool. I'm not allergic to it, so that's a plus!

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