Friday, May 7, 2010

How'd it get to be May already?

Hey, I know you!

If you noticed, I've been absent from my posting for more than a month. I know your asking, "Jack, where have you and your mom been hiding?" and here's the answer...

We haven't been hiding at all, we've just been so darn busy!

Lately mom's been treating a little head wound I got. (She tells people I got into a bar-fight to make it sound more exciting than it really is...)

I think I just scratched my head on something in the back yard, which I then scratched with my back foot, which opened the wound and made it bleed...

The first time mom saw the blood she made a little noise I've never heard before (dad later told me it's the "oh no, my puppy's blood is on the OUTSIDE of him!" noise...) so she cleaned it out, and sent me on my merry little way.

Then Monday morning I wake up and mom's eyes were HUGE! I gave her my what's-wrong-mom-eyes and she quickly took me up to the bathroom to clean out my very bloody head. Ouch!

She put this sticky stuff on it (neosporin) which makes my hair look like I don't take showers, but its cool. It feels a lot better now...and I guess its healing because its stopped itching. So its a win-win situation! that's a little update on what's happening in Puggly Wuggly land!

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