Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas was A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

We got sooooo much snow one night, the next morning it was everything in me to NOT run outback and roll around in it. So when mom grabbed her coat, pulled out her boots and said to me, "you wanna go outside?" I thought there might be something up her sleeve to let me go with her...my puffer jacket.I usually don't like having my red puffer jacket on, but this is how I thought of it:
red puffer + no whining= playtime in the snow.

I'm so there.

My favorite part of shoveling the driveway with mom is waiting for her to overturn the shovel full of snow and then RUNNING underneath it, so all the snow falls on me!

I get so excited, I shake it off, then bury my face in the new pile and run around like a crazy dog. Kinda like this:

Christmas morning came and guess what Santa brought me? A new collar with fancy tags on it! I was having a bit of an "issue" with my old leather/spike collar, so I'm really glad Santa thought to get me a new one that doesn't itch. I was so excited, I gave mom a big hug! Hmm, what else did Santa bring me? A new leash that's gotta bungee cord on it, so I don't pull so hard when we walk (awesome, btw!)...and a new Santa loofah dog which I carry with me everywhere I go...to sum it up...best Christmas ever!

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