Monday, December 28, 2009

What is it Lassie?

**Mom post

I'm on the phone with my sister tonight and Jack is whining by the coffee table.

me: Jack, you gotta go outside? You gotta go potty? (and I open the back door. He doesn't budge.)
my sister: Oh jeeze, what's he up to?
me: I don't know but he's whining like a baby...
(so I walk over to him)

me: Jack, what's wrong?
Jack: blink, blink
me: You gotta go outside?
Jack: lays down on the floor, with nose next to coffee table
me: What is it Lassie, did Timmy fall in the well?
Jack: Whine.
me: Use your words Jack
my sister: What's wrong with him?
me: Jack, did you loose a toy under the coffee table?
my sister: You've got to be joking, your seriously having a conversation with your dog, again!
me: Hang on, lets look under here buddy

And that's when I spotted the dental toy (look at my last post) rolled under the coffee table. I grabbed it and handed it over to my boy.

Me: Good job Jack! You found your toy!
Jack: Grabbed the toy, laid down and started snacking away
my sister: you two are incredible

Yes, I know.

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