Thursday, January 21, 2010

This is how I roll

I don't know how you and your person interact with each other but mom and I have our communication down to a science. Case in point, Tuesday night.

I was running around the house with my 'brain' (its a squeaky toy, notice the picture above) in my mouth. Mom was on her phone so I ran to play with dad, who was working on his computer.

I kept squeaking my toy to get dads attention, but nothing. All I got was, "Jack, enough squeaking"...
Of course, I didn't stop squeaking, so dad took my brain away from me. I whined, a lot. And then ran to mom.

I sat in front of her (she was still on the phone) and whined.

mom: Jack, what's wrong?
me: whine, whine, whine..

mom: where's your brain?


mom: okay buddy, lets go find your brain!

Mom got up and I lead her to the scene of the crime (where I was when dad took my brain from me). I saw him place my brain on the top of his glass desk (on a piece of paper) so I lead mom into the office and sat under the desk.

mom: where is it buddy?

me: over here!

mom: where did dad put it?

me: on the desk! Right above my head!
mom: buddy, I'm not seeing it!


Mom started to get frustrated because everywhere she looked, the brain wasn't there. I sat SO patiently under dad's desk waiting for her to see that it was sitting on the piece of paper, but nothing!

She called down to dad, "honey, where did you put Jack's brain?" "on the tower!" "I don't see it and Jack is whining...where on the tower?" "On TOP"....
So mom and I walked back into the office and I sat under his desk again waiting for her to SEE the brain.

And then she found it. On top of the tower (like dad said).

I came out from under dads desk, grabbed the brain and ran downstairs to show dad that we found it.

Mom asked dad why, if the brain was on the tower, was I sitting under his desk? "Because when I took it away from him, I put it on the desk...that was the last place he saw it. When he ran out of the room to whine at you, I moved it to the top of the tower..."

So you see, don't under estimate the power of the puppy memory. Or the power of communication between a pup and his mom...

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