Friday, November 15, 2013

There goes snack time

Seems Lil' Dude has decided to become selfish and actually EAT his snacks. Which, this is a new idea to me, because, ya know...for a while he's been all, "Here ya go, Jack!" and slipping a pretzel here or a little muffin there. But about two months ago, my world went from right-side-up to backwards-end-down when he learned a very simple, very bad word. No.


This word has become the pins in my needles. The drain to my bath tub. Its sucking all the fun out of my day! Another thing he's started doing is telling me to "GO!" into my house...and then closing the door.

Thankfully mom is there to referee things. She always has my back...not to say that Lil' Dude is being bad- he's just learning how to do things (at least that's what mom tells me as she slips me another cookie) and she always corrects him and encourages him to be "niiiiice" and pet me, which always means I get another cookie...

Overall this whole, having a permanent roommate (Lil' Dude) in the house is working out well. I mean, I don't share my cookies with him, so I guess its cool that he doesn't share his cookies with me anymore...

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