Thursday, October 20, 2011

Big brother duties

Mom has a habit of putting together things without using all the instructions. (Which results in an extra screw here or bolt there.) But now that she's putting together furniture for my baby, I have been put on guard.

(Not that I can read, I offer more moral support and guidance when she needs it.)

This past weekend mom's task was putting together the baby swing. Which meant I was front and center the whole time, tracking the progress, verifying the picture in the instruction manual matches where she was in real life...
(I might look indifferent here, but I thought I was getting a cookie for my good behavior. I was distracted...)

(Quality control- gotta sniff it out)

(Ta-DAAAAH! I'm gonna be such a great big brother! I mean, look at this! My managerial skills are impeccable.)

As it turns out, I did a great job supervising because it all got together (and has stayed together) for five whole days now!

I'm awesome.

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