Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy birthday to me!

Six years ago today, dad surprised mom with me! Here's a little photo rundown of how I became the glue that bound these two crazy kids together and of the last six years as a family!!

Now, my official birthday is actually September 21, 2005. That's when I was born to my biological mother...but mom, dad and I don't celebrate that day. We celebrate the day I was born into my real family- this one; which just happens to be today, November 21.

See, back in 2005, mom and dad were almost married. Yes, for four months I was the child of a broken home. I lived with mom, went to work with mom, spent all my time with mom- but got to visit dad at night for family bonding.

I got to go to work with mom everyday- its a lot of work being a puggle puppy!:
She'd take me on long walks in the snow to potty train me:And, of course, nap time:Well, by the time we'd go visit dad at his house, boy was I pooped! But I always stayed awake long enough to play games with know, male bonding.
Once mom and dad got married (and I was no longer a product of two households), mom and dad bought a big house with an even HUGER backyard- just for me to play in and enjoy!!Every Halloween mom dressed me up. Sometimes I'd feel stupid walking around with a lobster on my back, but then the kids would come and they'd be dressed up too! I'm pretty sure I'm a bigger hit than the candy- but the jury is still out...Holidays are always fun in our favorite? As long as there are wrapped gifts, I'm in heaven. See, I find joy in shredding wrapping paper. Its the gift that keeps on giving.Do I have something on my face?I know I'm real lucky to have a mom and dad who care so much about me. Mom tells me stories of the dogs and cats she meets at the SPCA and I tell you what- I am thankful for having a warm bed to snuggle in each night and a meal twice a day.

I know that not every dog is treated like a member of the family they live with. Some are left outside all day (even when its really cold, or really hot) and some don't have a mom to towel off their feet when they come in from the snow.

So each year on my birthday (which is right around Thanksgiving- did you notice that?!) I always remind myself just how thankful I am for my family. And, especially since in a few weeks mom tells me my "sibling" will be arriving. Whatever that means. I've been an only child for six years...whoever this "sibling" is better be really cute, not smell, not make a lot of noise and not try and steal my toys. If its a nice "sibling" I just might share my mom with them. But only if they are nice! (That's a picture of me with my favorite toy, my Brain.)


  1. Just curious how things are going? Havent heard a thing from you in awhile!