Friday, August 26, 2011

(wo)man's best friend

One of the many reasons I asked mom to start this blog with me was to have a feel good website out there. So many are doom and gloom and sad and make you want to cry- mom and I (especially) wanted to make a website dogs (and their owners, of course) could come to and say, "awww".

So I'm poking around on Facebook (no, I don't have my own profile yet- I share with mom) and I see a post from my cousin Diva's mom, Heather.

Here, read it. Then come back.

Ok, you read it? Yeah...isn't that powerful? I mean, talk about devotion and love between friends. Some people (typically those who don't have a pet) say things like, "oh, its just a dog" or "its just a cat"...but here's the thing, the bond between pet and owner is immeasurable. Its infinite. And, for those of you out there who share a bond with your pet like I do with mom (or like they do in the story I posted)...give your pet a little extra loving tonight to show how much you care. Throw the ball once more for them or give an extra treat.

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