Thursday, August 18, 2011

What the?

**Let me first start by saying this post is about using a bark collar (or "shock collar") on Jack. We did NOT come to this decision lightly and if you are considering using a bark collar on your dog, use it RESPONSIBLY. **

I have some issues you may have heard about before. When animals come on to the television, I bark, UH-LOT. Why? Because I think they are IN my house...and I have to protect MY house, so I bark. Before mom and dad put the television up high, I used to run around the sides of the tv to chase elephants out of sight. (Or penguins, polar bears, cats, dogs, name it, I barked at it.)

This issue never seemed like a big deal, so mom and dad always corrected my behavior (but I still did it. Either I have short term memory problems or I just don't care- if I see an animal in my house, I'm going to protect my house.)

Well, that isn't my only "issue". You see, when people come into MY house (like my grandparents, Aunt Caitlin- anyone) I use this high pitched bark/squeal to greet them with. Mom and dad say its "annoying" and "disruptive" and "bad behavior". This too they try and correct my behavior, but I'm- "stubborn".

Two weeks ago, mom was in the kitchen, dad was upstairs and I was on the couch relaxing, when all of a sudden, CAT! I jumped off the couch, barked like a mad man, and got yelled at. Bad. Mom was NOT happy with this.

(*Mom note, before this cat incident, we had been debating the bark collar- but seeing the reaction to the cat commercial made it clear in my mind what step needed to be taken.)

The next day mom came home with a new treat for me! What's in the bag mom?! WHAT'S IN THE BAAAAAAG????? Ooooh, a new collar! I LOVE getting new collars!

I wore my new collar with pride. Walking extra slow in front of mirrors- you know the drill. I looked gooooooood.

Then it happened. A dog commercial came on. I jumped down, got in position in front of the tv and BAAA- OUCH! What the heck was that?! I shook it off.


Clearly there is something wrong with this collar! I got scared and ran to mom's side and hid behind her legs. For about 15 minutes.

This process repeated itself each time an animal commercial came on. How. WEIRD?! Until, finally the other night, I saw the commercial and didn't want to bark at it. I just sat there. I wasn't happy, but I just sat there and let that cat purr because its litter was so clean and fantastic and I just watched. I was disgusted with myself.

Mom told dad about this and they high fived! Its like an evil plot against me.

And then when grandma walked in I went to give my typical greeting (the bark/squeal) and only got BAA- out before I felt like I was kicked in the throat. Grandma seemed to like this though; she said "good boy Jack! Nice to see you too!"...I am beginning to think there is something to this new collar. People seem to like me MORE when I'm wearing it.

Mom and dad call my new collar my Bow-Tie. Cute name for a high-tech collar, eh? I wear it well...

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  1. Well Jack...I would have to say that collar is a manner manager...My Mom says your Mom is a very loving Mom and once you learn the *manners* it will be ok..
    Hang in there Jack..Im rootin for ya!

    Your friend in Oklahoma