Monday, March 7, 2011

They say its your birthday

Everyone has their "thing".

Some people like to cook. Some like to bake. Some are athletes...some are couch potatoes...I like to host birthday parties. Well, with mom's help, of course!

Here's what I love about parties: I love people, people bring presents. Presents are wrapped, I love tearing/chewing/making a huge mess with wrapping paper. See how that works? So every time we have a party not only do I get to see our family and friends, but I get to munch on the wrapping paper!

Dad had a birthday last month and to make it more fun, mom and I had him go on a scavenger hunt around the house to find all his presents. (We couldn't just put a big pile in front of him- where's the fun in that?) So after he found all his gifts (we hid one in my house!) it was time to open them! My FAVORITE part of parties!!

After his first gift was open, I was ready for more paper...oh wait, do I have something on my face?
Dad gave me one of the shirt boxes (which kept me busy for a very long time!)
What do you mean that was the last present? Are you suuuuuure?

So, here's an open invite: if you have a party coming up, I'm sure mom won't mind hosting it, just so I can play with your wrapping paper!

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