Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Not cool.

It takes a lot for my tail to go straight. I prefer it to look like this(get tail forms a "J" for Jack!)
Anyway, this news story made me sad. It makes me sad that all those dogs didn't have a good home. That they didn't have parents to care for them, or even their own water bowl to drink from.

You know that mom volunteers with the SPCA (doing humane education) well, yesterday she left the house and was gone for about three and half hours. When she came back she smelled like other dogs. I did my typical interrogation (sniffing her all over, then back again) and then mom told me the story about the puppies she saw.

The little three day old babies who were born, and one is so underweight he might not make it. About the older dog whose ear was bruised from getting into a fight. It made me really sad that there are people out there who would let this happen to their pets.

And, while I don't like when mom's not around me, I understand why she needs to volunteer at the SPCA and teach humane education to kids. Because if she can make the point, that you have to be kind to animals and respect them, maybe this won't happen again.

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