Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fame, here I come!

Mom is gearing up (again) to volunteer with the SPCA and run their Humane Education program. Apparently she met with some preeeetty nice folks for lunch yesterday and (of course!) they talked about me! ...and many other important things.

I have a hard time believing that not every dog (and yes, even cats) has parents like mine. Mom told me, some pups don't even have warm beds to sleep in! Or a mom who waits at the back door to wipe their cold, wet paws when they come in from the snow! Or a dad to play fetch with (I love it when he throws the ball reeeeeeeeally high!)

So, to get more people excited about the Humane Education program, mom is going to have a feature in their upcoming newsletter, wait for it, ALL ABOUT ME! (I'm guessing by now you've realized I'm terribly shy, cough-cough...) so for me, this run in the newsletter couldn't be more exciting- I mean, terrifying!

I can picture it now: sun bathing in the backyard, fresh bowl of ice water nearby, endless amount of cookies waiting for me...ahhh, to be a famous pup!

But don't worry, I'll be sure to send a post card from whatever far away beach I'll be laying on...

To learn more about mom's newest mission, check it out here...

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  1. Dont forget about us LITTLE dogs when you hit the big time!!