Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Winston: the fickle sleeper

When I go to sleep during the week, I walk into my house (some might call it a "kennel") and I go to sleep. I don't sleep walk. I don't move during the night. I just sleep.

Winston is a different kind of sleeper than I am.

Winston doesn't have a set sleep-place. He just sleeps wherever he's comfy for that time.

Case in point, Sunday morning mom and I come down stairs to eat breakfast and go potty, but we couldn't find Winston!

During the week he has slept on his bed, under his blanket, in front of the coffee table, next to the couch, behind the couch- so you can imagine my shock when I couldn't find him! He couldn't have gone very far since he can't go up the stairs...

Finally, I found him! He fell asleep under a table that has the big Stitch on top of it.

Mom said he blended in, which is why she didn't see him at first. I couldn't believe that he fit under there! When I was younger, I used to walk under the table, but never SLEEP under it! What a silly guy!

I miss playing with my buddy though. Mom keeps saying that I'll get to spend plenty of time with him and Grammy and Grampy soon when she and dad go on vacation...How come I never go on vacation with them??

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