Monday, April 20, 2009

Awww man, Winston went back home!

I had such a nice weekend with mom, dad and Winston. Saturday was so warm and sunny- mom, Winston and I laid in the backyard on the lounge chair and sunned.

Last night Winston went home. Mom started to pack up his stuff earlier in the day, so I knew something was up. Then last night, Winston was laying by the door!

"Hey, W, what are you doing over there?" I asked him.

"Mom and dad are coming to get me...I just want to be ready" he said.

And sure enough they came late last night. I was so happy to see them- Winston was right! Gosh he's smart...I mean, he's old, but he's smart!

Today is going to be a restful day- already I've banked a few zzz's. I'm going to ask Mom to post some pictures tomorrow :)

Gotta go back to sleep now.

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