Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mom is volunteering! (another mom entry)

Since I'm down to four days a week at work- I decided, rather than sitting at home on the extra day, I'd start volunteering for the Medina SPCA. They needed a Humane Educator Leader...someone to go to elementary schools, talk to kids about being nice to animals and shiz...and being the "face" of the SPCA.

Since I'm so shy (cough cough) I thought this would be awesome!
Yesterday my job was to go to Garfield elementary (which is where Cinco will go one day!) and meet with the student council to accept a check on behalf of the SPCA.

Their meeting started at 3.35. I think, "Oh, I can SO do that!"
I get all excited, I'm there early- or so I thought. I couldn't find a parking space, anywhere!

So after making several u-turns, coming within inches of hitting a crossing guard (what was she doing in the middle of the dang street?!) I pull Jetson (my car) into a parking lot. "Thank God, I made it!"

Until I realize, there are a lot of buses around me. That's when they SWARMED me.
Three nice* looking ladies were standing in front of the buses, until they spotted Jetson.

Me: (totally freaked out by how fast they went from nice looking ladies to evil pitbulls) AHHH, I don't know!
Them: WHAT are you here for?
Me: (after wiping away my tears) I'm here to meet with student council
Them: OH! Your from the SPCA
Me: (totally thrown off by the sudden pleasantry in their voices) YES! I don't know where to park...what door to go in...
Them: (realizing I was no longer a threat) Just go park over there (pointing to a dumpster!) and go up those stairs...
Me: Thanks!

...and I floored it away from the mob- and parked next to the dumpster.

I make my way into the office (after a pleasant little person held the door for me, which I thanked. "your welcome ma'am". EEK! I'm so NOT a ma'am!)

The office ladies tell me, "just go up those stairs, open the doors, student council should be meeting right there". Thank you.

Go up the stairs, find the golden doors and open them. JUST TO HAVE 30 LITTLE PEOPLE STARING AT ME. (I didn't know that the officers would be standing in front of the doors, using them as a back drop!)

"Oh! Hi guys! I'm Erin!" (and in my head I'm saying, "oh holy God, please don't let me trip!") As I made my way through their sea of green (apparently they wear green student council shirts to their meetings) I realize that I too am wearing a green shirt.

The kids raised $200 for the SPCA! They presented me with a huge laminated check and the president, Emily (i think...) gave me a hug and said how cool she thought it was that I was wearing green (totally by accident by the way!)

So we took a bunch of pictures, which was AWESOME (I'm so camera shy)...I can't wait to do my next tour of duty for the SPCA...I just hope I don't have to do it around dismissal time. hehe

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