Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Mom Entry (yes, another...)

He caught me off guard when he asked, " the way, how is your book going?". It was a simple question, but it really meant a lot to me. No one has asked, since I let it be known that I was planning on putting together a children's book- "how is it going?"

My brother in law is one special man- and for making my brother so happy and giving me so much love and support, I thank him for that.

His words gave me the kick in the butt that I've needed to put my thoughts onto paper for the book. I have no idea how its all going to come together, but by-golly, I'm getting there.

I made a bubble diagram today with all the ideas I have for books (yes, PLURAL!). I used highlighter colors to make it look pretty and even started naming some of the other characters in the stories.

Thinking about writing about "Just-Jack" makes me excited, but I know I need more substance to sustain readers. Because of this (and thanks to the bubble diagram) I've narrowed down the list of animals that Jack comes in contact with.

The stories are all based on Jack's life, obviously things have been exaggerated and because they are told from his point of view, they don't always reflect the true/real-world meaning. I think that makes it rather fun and more child-like because kids are mostly misunderstood...


  1. Thats so awesome that your writing a childrens book. My sister and I have been contimplating doing this for quite some time. I actually wrote out a story line but just havent put it together yet. Keep me posted, i'de love to see the finished product whenever that might be.

  2. Thanks for your enthusiasm Corrie :) I'll TOTALLY keep everyone posted on the book!!!