Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ouch, my eye!

Two weeks ago (in human time) I went outside to play like I always do. Except, I caught the most amazing smell under my nose, so I followed it. I followed it all the way into the thick thorney branches, rolled around in this amazing smell and came back inside hoping mom and dad would enjoy my new scent.

"OHHHHHH JACK! WHAT DID YOU ROLL IN? UPSTAIRS. IN THE BATHTUB, NOW!" Mom said as I walked into the house.

I was so excited to share it with her, but she didn't share my excitement. Instead, mom put me in the tub and hosed me off. Now, I don't mind the water part of getting baths. I really enjoy the bubbles that start piling up under my feet (they feel funny in between my nails). When mom put the shampoo on my head, it started to sting my eye! "OUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH, MOM!" I whimpered.

Mom looked at my eye and sure enough, I cut it. Not the actual eyeball, but the skin right above the ball. And it stung. It stung so bad I wanted to cry. Since I was already in the bathtub with water running down my face, I didn't have to worry about my man-card being taken from me and so I cried, a lot.

Mom must have understood how bad my eye was hurting, because she took extra care when drying me off and then inspected it. It was so hard to stand still when she was looking into my eye. I kept making funny faces at her, but she didn't laugh at them!

Before mom lets me leave the bathtub, I have to "shake it off" (all the extra water). Then mom towel dries me. This makes me think I'm done and ready to leave the bathroom, except one last step that I always try and forget because I don't like it at all, the HAIR DRYER! When will I ever learn?

After I got dry, mom made me show dad what I did to my eye. "Poor guy, it will heal", dad said.

This was over two weeks ago!

All day yesterday my eye was itchy. Mom said this means its "healing" but I thought it meant, scratch it harder and faster. So I did. I managed to move the scab partially off my boo-boo. When mom looked at it last night she got worried so she helped me (against my will, I might add!) and she helped the rest of the scab come off.

She looked soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo grossed out! She put it in her hand and went upstairs to show dad. He said, "oh. uhm, thanks for showing it to me?" Mom and I just eye however does feel muuuuuch better now. No longer itchy!

I'm going to ask mom to take a picture of my eye tonight- I just have to stay still long enough...not likely!

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