Thursday, April 2, 2009

New blinds!

As if my anniversary present to mom and dad wasn't enough, Grandma and Grandpa bought them blinds! I didn't know what blinds were. I've heard of blind dogs before, but I didn't think Grandma and Grandpa would ever get me a sibling (especially since my list of requirements is so long!)

Sunday night mom came home with all these long, funny-looking boxes. She started to drill into the windows, pull down the old shades (not sunglasses!) and hang the blinds.

I really liked them! They were white and looked so clean- and, what I liked best was that they let the sun come into the rooms...I love sitting in the sun!

Mom said she was going to hang all the blinds on the first floor tonight, and "I'll do the second floor tomorrow night". That didn't really happen.

Turns out she got the wrong size blinds, so they had to be
returned. Then she had to rehang the right size blinds. The "big beast blinds" were cut wrong, so she had to go BACK and get them cut. Then the guy who cut the big beast blinds destroyed one set, so Mom had to go back, AGAIN...

The "two night" project turned into an all week marathon event. I really didn't like all the noise that came along with these new blinds, but I really liked all the boxes that got plied up!! I wanted to climb them, but mom said no!

In the end, all the blinds were hung and everyone was happy. Especially me. After a long days work, I got to sit outside in the sun and watch over my back yard!

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