Friday, April 3, 2009

At work with mom!

I knew something was going to happen today because after I ate my breakfast, I didn't go upstairs to go back to sleep with dad. Instead, mom put my leash on and went for a drive.

At first I got scared because I thought we were going back to Petsmart to get another "manicure" (that's what mom calls it, I call it a terrible-nail-trimming that makes me wanna cry)...but we kept driving. Then I got excited, "are we going to see Winston?" but we kept driving. After a while I fell asleep and then I realized where we were going when we drove on the bumpy road- WORK!

I was raining so hard when we got to work, but I had to go potty before I went inside. I got SOAKED! When I came into the office, mom had to towel me off- and then I started to run around. Was anyone else here that I can play with? Hellllllllllllllllllllo? But there wasn't anyone else, besides mom, to play with! Weird.

After a while of sniffing, I started to wonder why mom wasn't sitting at her desk, she was sitting at the desk that faces her desk. This seemed strange to me so I sat under her chair and whined until she told me to take a nap. I snuggled on her soft cow-print fleece blanket, its so comfy!

Then the backdoor started to make noise. It was Brian! (Mom's boss). I was so excited to see him I couldn't help but
jump up and down for joy! He started barking at me! A HUMAN BARKS? This didn't seem right to me, so I barked back at him. He barked again. I ran away. Later on when he came downstairs I started barking at him again- it wasn't until he rubbed my head that I realized he was just kidding.

But its really not funny, seeing a human bark like a dog. How would you feel if I started talking like a human? That would be weird, right?

To make up for barking at me, Brian and I played with Peanut's tennis ball. (Peanut is Brian's dog, she's cool!) He did something I'd never seen before, someone hiding the ball under their shoe!

Every time he'd roll his foot over the ball, I'd turn my head. After a few minutes, Brian had to pack up and go to a presentation. "But what about playing ball?" I asked. When he left I took a nap, its hard work playing with the boss!

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