Thursday, March 26, 2009

I have a brother, Juneau!

Mom has had this candle holder for a really long time (even before I came home!) and its always been used as, you guess it, a candle holder.

Dad showed Mom some pictures other photographers took of interior spaces. Mom saw a candle holder similar to the one she has, but instead of using it for candles, they used it as a fish bowl! Mom got the great idea to head out and get a fish for the bowl.

They came home with a plastic bag filled with water and said, "Jack- look its your new brother! Juneau!" I didn't want to be rude but:

- He doesn't have legs like I do- how could we possibly be related? (I have four! Artichoke has two- he doesn't have any!)

- He was in a plastic bag! (Mom says I can't play in plastic bags because I could "suffocate"- so why is it okay for him to play in a bag?)
- He lives in water! NO FAIR! I like to play and splash in water- how come he can?

I got upset at seeing my new "brother". Why is he allowed to do so many things that I can't do without being in trouble?

Mom explained that he got his name, Juneau, because they were at the pet store and met a puppy.

A WHAT? A PUPPY?! NO. NO. NO. No puppies. No pet stores. No siblings. I thought I already
explained this to Mom and Dad!

Dad told me that Mom actually was considering getting this puppy (she's a trader!).

But Dad told her, "We came in here to buy a fish. Not a dog."

"But look at how cute she is!" (I can't believe Mom even considered this!).

"We either buy that dog and don't take our Alaskan cruise, or we buy the fish- THAT WE CAME IN HERE FOR and take our cruise as planned!"
This is when I knew Dad was my new favorite.

Mom said, "But, if we got her, we could name her Juneau!" Dad resisted, and bought the fish. They named it Juneau (and are still planning on taking their cruise.)

So I lost my battle of no more siblings. Juneau has been living with us for about three months now and thankfully he doesn't do much. He actually just floats
around his bowl- eats his food and sleeps.

I wonder if I could take him out to play fetch in the backyard with me?

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