Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mom and Dad's anniversary present

Recently Eric and I have been leaving him out of his house, free to roam for a few hours at a time.

He has never done anything destructive in the house, he's never "messed" in the house, so we had nothing to worry about.

This past week we put our cute puggle to the test. Could he spend all day outside of his house and be good? ALL DAY?

Monday, we came home, no problem at all. Just a warm spot on the couch from where he spent his day.

Tuesday, same thing. Just a warm spot and a moved blanket, in the form of a circle, with a Jack-butt print.

Yesterday, I came home and smelled something, but couldn't put my nose on it.

Eric came home a
nd we went upstairs to get ready to go out to eat for our anniversary. He says, "look at that!" and points to the shower. It was poo. IN OUR SHOWER.

Now, although there are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo many reasons we could have been mad at Jack, based on our training (and his) if we didn't SEE him do it, we cannot punish him for it because he will not understand what he's being punished for.
Instead, we laughed.

We laughed so hard I had to reapply makeup before we left.

Why? Lemme break it down for you like this...

1- most dogs poo where ever they want to. Like, on the carpet where smells get trapped. Or in a corner. Our dog chose the shower

2- he was smart enough to associate the bathroom with where "poo" happens (at least this is what we told ourselves...which, of course, made it funnier)

3- when Jack is in poo-position, he walks around in circles. Eric pointed out that while our shower is large, it is not nearly large enough for him to have been comfortable to walk around in...and IF he walked around in his
circles, he didn't step in his poo (I was grateful for this!) he's thoughtful AND smart!

4- he choose a place that was super easy to clean up

5- he must have REEEEEEALLY needed to poo and thought to himself, "where can I poo, inside, that they won't get too mad at me for? THE SHOWER!"

6- we can only be so lucky if when we have Cinco, its smart enough to only poo in places that are so easy to clean up.

Honestly, I picked up the pieces, turned on the shower head, grabbed the Comet (because I figured Scrubbing Bubbles- while effective on soap scum, might not be able to power through this mess...) and a sponge and it was done.

After "the clean up" we went and had a wonderful dinner at House of Hunan. Enjoyed a fancy glass of wine, the atmosphere and then went to Dairy Queen...came home and watched Disney cartoons. Yup, what better way to celebrate three years than with a blizzard, cartoons, a snuggly puggle and a hubby who laughs with me (NOT at me!)? We concluded this was our favorite anniversary present ever. Poo in the shower :) Nothing like it.

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