Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm a BIG BOY!

For the last few weeks, Mom has been leaving me out of my "house" (some might call it a "kennel"...) when she leaves the house. She never left me more than a few hours, but it was a new freedom for me!

I'm three years old and I have always spent my days in my house. I guess because I'm such a good boy, Mom decided I should be left alone for a little.

Every time mom and Dad have left me out of my house, I'm been so good! All I do is sleep on the couch anyway...yesterday was the real test!!

Dad left for work yesterday and he didn't put me in my house! FREEEEEEEDOM!

I got to spend all day walking around the house, sleeping on the couch, checking on my backyard and sleeping on Mom's pillow. When Mom came home she sounded surprised that I did so well! I could have been insulted, except, I was so excited to see her!!

We went on walk around the cul de sac and I got to catch up on all the local smells. Seems that a lot more dogs are taking walks these days! (and not all their owners are picking up their poo!)

When we moved into our house, our neighbor Robin made sure Mom understood how important it was to pick up poop in our neighborhood. So, Mom and I took a walk up to Petsmart, grabbed a "cute baggie holder" and she attached it to my leash.

Every time we walk now, Mom has poo-bags ready to pick up my "stuff". We have a routine down. I do my stuff, then I have to cover it up with grass, so I scrape my feet on the grass, and kick it up towards my poo. Once I've "covered" it, I have to "stay" and then Mom picks it up. She's brave! I know what's in that bag, and she never makes funny faces, she just, does it. Mom is one tough chick!

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