Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The line

When Dad's gone, I have to do double-duty on watching over things. This includes my backyard. I take it very seriously when invaders cross the line. "What line?" you may ask. I'll tell you what line. The BIG WHITE LINE that Mom and Dad call "the fence". Any animal that crosses the line, I want to chase away. It seems that some animals forgot their manners and don't feel the need to ask anyone if its okay to cross someone else's line. I just think that's rude.
I take my role as backyard supervisor very seriously.

How would you feel if someone just walked into your bedroom without knocking? This is how I feel when the squirrels cross the line. Since they are coming into my territory, I think its my duty to protect my space.

To do this, I must keep a constant watch out the back door and back windows. As soon as I see an invader, I signal to Mom (with a whine). She opens the door and I RUUUUUUUUUN after them! If its a squirrel, they always run up the trees. I chase 'em up as far as I can, but I'm not very tall so I don't get too far. But its always fun to watch them run up to the tippy top of the trees and wait for me to go back inside.

If its a rabbit, they are too fast, even for a puggle like me with super-paws that make me super-fast! They always get away!! Thankfully, when the sun goes down and I do my final run-through of the backyard, I can come back inside and snuggle like the good puggle I am. Ahh, its all in a good days work!

Just don't cross the line, and we'll be best friends!

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