Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dad came home!

So lemme fill you in just in case you have been sleeping, living under a rock, or haven't read my blog in a lil' bit. Mom went on vacation for a week (but rather than going anywhere, she stayed home. With me. All week! She didn't say this, but I know it was her favorite vacation ever!). Dad went on vacation, out of the state actually (which was fine with me, but gosh was I glad to see him when he came home!) And that I think wraps up anything you might have missed.

*yawn* Mom and I woke up super duper early on Friday morning and she took Dad to the airport to fly out to California to see their friends. Gosh, just thinking about it makes me tired, which is why when she came back home, around 5.30 a.m., we went back to bed and snuggled until 9.30- which was great with me! I was worn out!! It wasn't until around dinner time when I realized that Dad wasn't coming home tonight. This always makes me a little happy and a little upset.

Happy because I get Mom all to myself and I don't have to share her with anyone. Upset because then I have to do all the watching-out-duties by myself! You see, when Dad is here, he and I tag team the watch-out-duties, but when he's gone, it suspends my snuggle-time (until we go to sleep, then I'm off watch-duty and can sleep!) I didn't get my nick-name "Snuggly Puggly" because I sit looking out the window all day- no way! I got it because I'm a snuggle bug!!

While Dad was out in California playing with their friends, Mom and I had a lot of work to do around the house! We cleaned out the kitchen cabinets (Mom let me lick up any crumbs that fell) ,I watched Mom organize all the cabinets (which made me very tired, all those plates looked heavy!), helped Mom do the laundry (I pull the socks out of the dryer when they are ready), we washed Mom's car (I didn't help with this one at all actually- I sat in the driveway whining because I wanted to play with all the dogs walking past me!) We organized the garage (I chased all the leaves that Mom was brushing out), mopped the floor (I guess I left some mud-prints after playing in the rain- sorry Mom!) Made dinner (I watched while Mom and Grandma ate, but boy-oh-boy did it smell goooooood!) and FINE-UH-LY we picked Dad up from the airport (I stayed home, but I heard all about it!) So much for a vacation for Mom and I! we worked really hard that whole time!

That night at dinner, I glady handed Dad back the watching-out-duties. I was starting to go into snuggly-puggly withdrawal! To show Dad how much I missed him, I snuggled up with him for a little while. And then I moved over to Mom's lap where I stayed the whole rest of the evening!

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