Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spending Time With Mom

Mom has been spending a lot of time at home with me lately- and I looooove it! I over heard Mom and Dad talking the other night, and sounds like she's on a 'manditory vacation' from work. Whatever that means! All I care about is being able to spend time with her :)

So far this week we've been on lots of walks, played fetch in the backyard (although, Mom never really fetches, she throws the ball, and waits for me to bring it back to her- sounds like Mom is lazy, doesn't it?) She's been taking lots of pictures of me. The other night my eyes started to hurt, but now I'm getting used to it!

Dad went out of town EARLY on Friday morning! I couldn't believe how tired I was when Mom came back from the airport!! Thankfully we snuggled and went back to sleep. When Dad is out of town, I have to be on guard (more than usual).

Usually I snuggle with Mom ALL the time, but when Dad is out of town, I have to up my game. I look out the windows more than usual. I sit facing the door when Mom is in a room. I even sit next to the exercise bike while she's riding- facing outwards to make sure nothing bothers MY Mommy :)

Thankfully, Dad comes back tomorrow which means I can remove my "guard-dog" hat, and put back on my "puggly-wuggly" hat! Yippy!!

Hope everyone is having a great day! Grandma gave Mom a book called 'Dogerella'. Its about a Pug who is a step-sister to fancy dogs (Just like Cinderella) the end Dogerella becomes the favorite dog of choice for the princess- cute story. Mom read it to me the other night. I think Mom's stories of me are waaaay better though :)

Grandma also said that next week she'd use a projector to show her class all of my blog! How exciting is that?! If Mrs.Lowe does show this to her class- HELLO EVERYONE!!! I HOPE TO SEE ALL OF YOU SOON!!!

(Mom will post the pictures soon, I promise!)

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