Monday, March 2, 2009


Even though I'd like to think I'm an only dog, I do have to share Mom and Dad with my siblings. As it turns out, Artichoke (Mom's bird) came into the house BEFORE I ever even was thought of! Here is the story of 'Choke as I've heard it.

When Uncle Adam went away to college, Mom was really upset. Uncle Adam and Mom are really close. They would do everything together, so when he went to college, Mom was really upset.

On the drive home from Uncle Adam's scholarship interview, Grampy pulled over to a barn. They had lots of animals, but what caught Mom and Grampy's eye was a box full of little birds! Grampy put his hand into the box, and the first little one to jump into his palm he bought for Mom! Turn
s out the bird was a girl and Aunt Jessica named her Artichoke! (like the veggie)

While Mom was upset that Uncle Adam was gone, Artichoke became her new companion (don't forget, this was BEFORE I was even I'm Mom's companion!) When Mom moved up to Ohio, her apartment was really quiet- she couldn't have dogs ("why not"? I ask!) and she didn't want a cat.

Grampy came up to visit Mom after she moved into her apartment, and guess who he brought with him? Artichoke! 'Choke sat in Grampy's shirt pocket on the airplane ride from Florida to Ohio, and was so excited when she saw Mom!!

'Choke is now 10 years old, but still fun at heart. She and I try to get along, but I don't like it when she gets attention and I don't. Mom and Dad say I have something called "sibling rivalry". I'm more interested in playing with her- but I guess I'm too big to play with her nicely. I never try to bite her- she's really fast and has a beak that's rather dangerous. I know this because one night she flew into the kitchen and I followed her.

She had me cornered in the kitchen, then she walked around me in circles, trying to bite at me. I was so scared of her! Mom said she was trying to defend herself, but I know she was just being mean, kind of like the Kitty. It seems that 'Choke has learned Mom is mine and I don't like to share her because she's taken to Dad as her "person".

'Choke will sit on Dad's shoulder, rub into his beard, nibble on his hair- he always makes funny noises when she does that. She also likes to hide in pockets! When Dad wears loose shorts or jeans, 'Choke will sit in his pocket for HOURS! Mom says this is because she likes to be in small, warm places. I think its weird.

So now that 'Choke and I have been siblings for more than 3 years now, we get along okay. I still wish I didn't have to share Mom and Dad, but having siblings is kind of fun. I mean, how dogs can say they have siblings who can FLY?!

Some fun facts about 'Choke:
- She is a parrolette which is the smallest species of parrot (a macaw...)
- She doesn't talk, but she "tweets" a lot; especially when Dad comes home
- Every night she gets covered in her house so she sleeps better
- She doesn't like to play after 7p.m. she gets really cranky!
- She doesn't eat bird seed, she eats pellets which are healthier
- About once every two weeks, Mom gives her a treat stick which she devours
- She doesn't like fresh fruit

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