Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So many things to do, yet so little time to do them!

I have had such a busy week, I haven't found a spare minute to write here! Please forgive me.

Aunt Caitlin came into town last week. It was so much fun having her to play with me all day!! She gets to work from home, so she got to watch me sleep on the couch. Then play with my toys. Then ask her to play with me and my toys. By Wednesday she understood my routine and anticipated my arrival every early afternoon with a toy in my mouth and a wiggly tail!

When she left I was upset that I didn't have a daytime play partner anymore, but it was back to business as usual and I fell into my routine really easily. The really cute frog that Mom got for me a while ago has lost his leg. Its now my favorite toy.

I greet Dad with my frog leg every night when he comes home! I'm going to ask Mom to take pictures of me and the frog leg because its just amazing- its perfect and compact so I can take it everywhere!!

Aunt Jessica is coming to town tomorrow I hear. She's not going to stay with us until Saturday night- which is okay with me. I just LOVE having people at our house so I can't wait to play with her. Mom says I have two cousins because Aunt Jessica has two dogs- Sam and Emma. I'm sure I'll sniff 'em on her luggage when she comes to the house. Ooooh, something to look forward to!

Mom and Grandma came into the house the other day with two HUUUUGE bags of stuff. Dad asked, "what are those?" and Mom said, "your birthday presents!" and Grandma said, "you can't have them until Friday!" and Dad said, "okay". He's pretty easy going. I like that about him.

So if Friday is his birthday, I wonder how I should wake him up. Jump on his head? Give him kisses?

Oh! Speaking of kisses, yesterday Mom and I went on a walk when she got home from work. I met two little girls who just ADORED me. They smelled like candy and cake, so I kept kissing their fingers. The smaller one liked the way my ears felt, she said, "they are veh-wy soft" and the bigger small girl said, "I think he loves me". I did. I loved the cake in between her fingers! Hmmm. I was really well behaved though and Mom made sure I knew it! She kept telling me how good I was and when we got home, she gave me a treat! (Which made Artichoke a little upset, but she got over it...)

I have to go get ready for Aunt Jessica's arrival tomorrow. Mom will post some pictures soon, I'm sure of it!!

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