Thursday, February 12, 2009

Frog Leg

As I mentioned in yesterday entry, I now carry around a stuffed frog leg- that was once attached to a stuffed frog (who I tore into, grabbed all the stuffing out, ripped an eye off and, while playing tug of war with Aunt Caitlin, tore a leg off...)

Last night Mom, Dad and I were on the couch watching some television when I realized that, I didn't know where my frog leg was!

I ran upstairs with such force, scouring each room for my leg. Guest room? Nope. Office? Nada. Bathroom? Negative. Mom and Dad's bed? CHECK! I was ready to run back downstairs and snuggle with Mom again, when I realized the bedroom door had closed behind me!

I whined. "Moooooom?". She didn't hear me. I whined again, "Daaaaaad?". He didn't hear me either. I howled- and sure enough, they heard me, and I ran back down stairs, with the frog leg in my mouth, put it on Mom's lap, snuggled back up in the blanket and took a nap.

This isn't the first time I've been on the other side of the bedroom door. I like to run, fast, and the door seems to catch wind easily. If I'm not careful, I can be stuck in there, ALONE, for a few minutes! Mom always realizes when I'm not I'm never trapped for too long.

But there was one time I got trapped in laundry room for about an hour. I have since learned my lesson, never go in the laundry room without a parent.

Aunt Jessica is on her way in. Mom says she's flying to come visit us. I wonder, does she fly like Artichoke? I hope she's more careful than 'Choke- she seems to run into things a lot. Like the cabinets. The mantel. Mirrors....

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