Monday, February 2, 2009

Grandma's Fiesta!

Hi everyone!! Saturday night we had so much fun, it was Grandma's birthday party fiesta! I was such a good boy. While everyone ate I sat on the couch and watched (literally) the John Mayer dvd.

I don't know what it is about John Mayer, but his music just hypnotizes me. Dad put the dvd on so we could have "background music" (that's what Mom called it anyway) I got myself comfy with my favorite blanket on the couch and let John serenade me. It wasn't until the drinks started pouring more and more that Nicole (my next door neighbor-grandma) wanted to play with me and my goose that I got up.

Grandma Nick started yelling at me for "tearing out his stuffing". She didn't understand that this is how I play with my toys. I drag them around the house for a while, and then, if they are stuffed, I simply rip into them, pull out their stuffing and then carry around the "carcass" as Mom calls it.

When Grandma Nick started pulling out my gooses stuffings I got so upset! I didn't understand what she was doing. We were no longer playing- she was playing, WITH MY GOOSE, alone. By herself. Without me! It hurt my feelings, but only for a few minutes because then she gave me the goose back and we ran around downstairs for a while. That made me happy.

However, currently I have half the goose I once did as she has now lost all of her insides, squeaker and all. That's okay though...hopefully Mom will just buy me another toy. I love new toys!!

I also loved having so many people in the house on Saturday night! It was so exciting- everyone pet me, gave me treats, complimented my pile of toys (mom moved them into one area- rather than scattered...) It was just a great great time. When we sung happy birthday to Grandma mom called Uncle Adam and Aunt Jessica- put them on speaker phone and we all sung. I even howled a little! It was wonderful!! (That's the photo above- mom holding her cell phone).

No one wore a sombrero- too bad. I'm sure it would have been a funny picture to put it on my head! Maybe next party...below is the picture Mom took of me after we sung/howled happy birthday...

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